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How to check if a dice set is correctly weighted? [duplicate]

So let me give you a bit of backstory, I went to a friend's place to play DnD and I decided to put my solar powered dice to charge on top of my friend's standing lamp with the plastic box practically ...
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What should be done if I suspect a player is using weighted dice?

I have a player who I am pretty sure is using weighted dice. He has an entire dice set that almost always gets the best possible roll. He claims it's just insanely good luck but everyone agrees with ...
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When rolling percentages, do 1d100 and two d10s (percentiles) share the same probabilities?

I know d100s are shunned because they take too much time to roll, and 1d10+1percentile is really fun, but do they share the same probabilities? Is it better to use a (digital) d100? Also, do d100s ...
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Is the Saltwater Float represented in this question a good way to test for loaded dice?

Recently a question has popped up in the comments of another question I've recently answered where a player has happened to roll three 18s and other high stats at a table with his dice, which could ...
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Dice Rolling Method Fairness

Recently, in D&D sessions I have been rolling poorly (nothing over 10), and thus tried ways to improve my rolling. I was using a plastic solo cup last session, and got really good results compared ...
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Is GameScience's non-cylindrical seven-sided die a balanced/fair die?

You might have come across GameScience's seven-sided die before: There's mixed discussion of whether it might be biased toward the 6 and 7 faces (the 6 being on the opposite side of the 7 you can see ...
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What are the odds of rolling high all the time?

So, I have a suspicion that a player in an online game is... being creative in the way they call their dice rolls. I play with them in several games, and in 2 games I have convinced the DM to enforce ...
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What do I do when I suspect players may be fudging rolls online?

I suspect my players may be fudging their rolls in an online IRC and Skype game. While I can't confirm this (for obvious reasons), I'm highly suspicious. I logged all their rolls over the course of ...
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I have a player that rolls TOO well. Is this a problem and how can I help it? [closed]

I have been running a home D&D game for the past year now with the party consisting of 5 players; a monk, a paladin, a ranger, a wizard and a druid. The Ranger was the last person to join the game ...
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How can I ensure my dice roll fairly if they appear to have a bias?

I have purchased several sets of dice from different online retailers. I did some salt-float tests on them recently and I'm concerned a good amount of my d20s are favoring a specific corner (all 3 ...
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What mistakes can you make when you are rolling polyhedral dice? [closed]

Sometimes I keep getting the same numbers on my new and first polyhedral dice and it feels like I'm doing something wrong.
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