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Would a Rogue's Uncanny Dodge feature halve the damage of a Magic Missile spell? [duplicate]

This came up during a game this weekend where the rogue player claimed that, since she was taking damage from it and she could see where the "attack" was coming from, she could reduce that ...
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Do saving throw based spells that do damage count as attacks? [duplicate]

During our last session, two of my players got involved in a little PvP, and the Rogue was fireballed by the Wizard as a last act of defiance, hoping to take the Rogue with him as she died. The ...
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Does the Ancestral Guardian barbarian's Ancestral Protectors feature grant resistance against spells such as fireball and toll the dead? [duplicate]

The Path of the Ancestral Guardian barbarian's Ancestral Protectors feature (XGtE, p. 10) says: While you’re raging, the first creature you hit with an attack on your turn becomes the target of the ...
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Can a Ranger uncanny dodge a blizzard? [duplicate]

A while ago, I DMed a battle royale one shot for my players. I gave my players level 20 characters and let them fight each other till there was one person standing. Near the end of this game a ...
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How does Undead warlock 'Grave Touched' interact with aoe [duplicate]

I am confused about how the undead warlock's Grave Touched ability interacts with spells like Fireball. The text for Grave Touched reads as follows In addition, once during each of your turns, when ...
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Does an savethrow-type attack cause critical damage for an unconscious creature? [duplicate]

The unconscious state description says Any attack that hits the creature is a critical hit if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature. Situation Target ...
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Can you use the Assassin's Assassinate with grenades or thrown area of effect weapons? [duplicate]

Can you use the Assassin's Assassinate with grenades or thrown area of effect weapons? Assassinate: Starting at 3rd level, you are at your deadliest when you get the drop on your enemies. You have ...
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Does lightning bolt trigger wrath of the storm? [duplicate]

A enemy wizard cast lightning bolt while within five feet of a tempest domain cleric. The cleric inquired if the lightning bolt triggers the wrath of the storm feature since the enemy wizard was "...
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What does upper-case-A-Attack action vs. lower-case-a-attack mean?

What exactly is the difference between Attack action and attack? It seems each time a question regarding this pops up, there's always somebody arguing they are not different. I feel there should be a ...
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Does Mirror Image affect spells that have no attack roll?

I have two questions concerning the mirror image spell. If I am under the effect of mirror image and was targeted by a spell like blight, do I roll a 1d20 to determine whether myself or an image was ...
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Are spells that do piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing damage considered magical damage?

Are spells that do only bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage considered magical or nonmagical damage? Most especially when considering them for purposes of resistance/immunity against "...
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Is "Shove" an attack?

This question is prompted by reading this answer to a question about using the Polearm Master feat's bonus action after a Shove and halberd Attack In the section "Making an Attack" (PHB, page 194): ...
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Can Mage Hand be used to indirectly trigger an attack?

Since mage hand cannot attack, would I be able to will it to pull a string tied to a trigger mechanism such as crossbow?
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Does a wand count as a 1-Handed Weapon or using one count as an attack?

I have a Fighter in my game trying to use a Magic Missile Wand as a One-Handed Weapon Attack to get the benefit of the Crossbow Expert Feat. The Crossbow Expert Feat requires that the player make an ...
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Is a spell with an attack roll "an attack" for the purpose of Sneak Attack?

Sneak Attack says: When you attack a creature and hit, you can deal extra damage to that target if you have advantage against it or if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it and that ...
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