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Is it appropriate to bring a player character back after they had been "killed"?

A player character "died" in battle early on in this current arc I'm DMing, and I had already decided that either this character would be in pursuit by the big bad or would be taken captive. ...
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Results of a set of Skill Challenges being invalidated by the DM, is this fair as designed or were the outcomes just poorly defined?

Playing a low level/early stages 5e + homebrew game with a few friends. Though our DM is fairly new they have put in a ton of really amazing work at setting the scene for us these first few sessions. ...
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Is a dead creature inside a Shambling Mound still Engulfed?

I was playing in a game where there was a shambling mound and after engulfing a creature and killing it, the creature goes about its turn and engulfs a second person. The DM didn't specify anything ...
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How to get the players to care and RP more?

About two month ago I got interested in D&D and I decided to start playing it. I read the rules, found an adventure and got four of my friends to play with me. They always show up to play and we ...
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Is there a guide/reference for possible character hairstyles in D&D Forgotten Realms universe?

I was playing a D&D session as a female cleric of Qotal and, at some point, the party encountered some kind of wind monster. As I tried to cast spells requiring concentration, the DM argued that I ...
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Magic Items and their allocation [closed]

I have a predicament I've come across in a campaign I'm running. Here it is. In a past session my DM (a friend of mine) challenged me to complete the entire trial with strict restrictions. The ...
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Is what my DM did impacting player agency in a negative way? [closed]

Our party infiltrated Ravenloft in a Curse of Strahd campaign. One of the party managed to steal a beholder eye from Strahd that he was using to control a group of beholders and use them as his ...
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I want the most fun for my players but they got angry second session because of combat. Any tips?

So I am a new to D&D but I have researched hours upon hours about it, to the point I know more than probably all my players. They are 7 for now (third level bard, forge cleric, ranger, arcane ...
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Creating a campaign that ends with a TPK by design

I'm creating a campaign that takes players from level 3 to level 15+. The premise is that the party is granted a special role by the reigning good King to protect and serve (essentially they are ...
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What are good ways to resolve intense intra-party conflict without PvP?

The Short Version: An evil PC is killing town children during long rests. The town authorities have decided that they need him (and the rest of the group) to handle a big problem anyway. Several other ...
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My players have become determined to kill the dragon who has been helping them throughout the campaign - how should I handle this? [closed]

The dragon in question used to be a God and has been helping the party work up to defeating the BBEG (note that they still need him to complete the storyline at this point, but I can find a way around ...
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How can a single creature safely flee from a combat?

This question is really more of a tactics and plotting question than a rules question. In D&D 5e, a creature can avoid opportunity attacks when running away by using the Disengage action (although ...
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What to do if a player expected much more than DM gave?

I was not the DM in this session, it was my GF, but she does not speak English so I'm here to ask for all of us. We've faced an issue we can't seem to solve. It was our 2nd game, none of us have ever ...
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Ambushed while Sleeping (with a Watch)

The party goes to sleep around the campfire, and one member volunteers to take the first watch. A couple of hours later, a dozen bullywugs try to stealthily ambush them. The DM makes stealth rolls for ...
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Is this home-rule for adjusting the DC of being tracked balanced?

I have been looking into setting up an adventure in the wilderness for our table, where there is an element of being chased and the party is purposely trying to outrun and outsmart their chasers. ...

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