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How can I encourage players to role-play using their ability scores?

The physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), haven't been much of a problem. Feel free to include advice on role-playing these scores as well though. When it comes to the ...
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DC for fallen tree [closed]

The party has to bring the wagon through the forest. During a storm the previous night, a giant tree fell across the path blocking the road. They have to get the wagon and 5 horses through the ...
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What happens if you Shapechange whilst swallowed?

I'm running a tier 4 game and ran into an interesting situation. 1 of my players had been swallowed by a gargantuan sized homebrew creature. On his turn he used the Shapechange spell to become a ...
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Do familiars and animal companions earn XP?

Rules as Written, experience is split evenly in adventures between all creatures that meaningfully participate. Dungeon Master's Guide (1st printing, pg. 260): When adventurers defeat one or more ...
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Is a dead creature inside a Shambling Mound still Engulfed?

I was playing in a game where there was a shambling mound and after engulfing a creature and killing it, the creature goes about its turn and engulfs a second person. The DM didn't specify anything ...
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My players have become determined to kill the dragon who has been helping them throughout the campaign - how should I handle this? [closed]

The dragon in question used to be a God and has been helping the party work up to defeating the BBEG (note that they still need him to complete the storyline at this point, but I can find a way around ...
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Encouraging new player who is being passive because she is struggling with her character class?

In asking this question Depowering a high AC PC without killing the rest of the group I realized that one of the problems of my setting is, that characters are not playing up to their full potential. ...
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How to calculate in-world time needed to complete quests?

Similar to my other question: How to handle parallel timelines when your party is separated? but both party is racing to finish their task. There is a bet on which party found the flower and bringing ...
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Magic Items and their allocation [closed]

I have a predicament I've come across in a campaign I'm running. Here it is. In a past session my DM (a friend of mine) challenged me to complete the entire trial with strict restrictions. The ...
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Results of a set of Skill Challenges being invalidated by the DM, is this fair as designed or were the outcomes just poorly defined?

Playing a low level/early stages 5e + homebrew game with a few friends. Though our DM is fairly new they have put in a ton of really amazing work at setting the scene for us these first few sessions. ...
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