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How can I play dumb?

I have a half-ogre character at my local larp group, and one of the roleplay-enforced restrictions for half-ogres is that they have low intelligence. I often find myself biting my tongue not to say '...
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How can I roleplay a character more manipulative than myself?

In a game of Maids RP (don't laugh) right now, I'm playing a character significantly more 'cunning' than me. I don't have a problem playing intelligent characters - I consider myself fairly smart, ...
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How can I DM a character with more social skills than me?

I'm not particularly charming (thank you, you're very kind, but I know my limitations). If a non-player character with excellent social skills interacts with the PCs, what can I do beyond ending the ...
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Risk of a TPK vs realistic NPCs

I am a novice DM running a game for an even more novice group of players and I beginning to think that my next session may result in a TPK (total party kill, for the uninitiated). Is this something I ...
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How much of a hindrance should my cleric's low intelligence score be?

I'm playing D&D 5e with a group of friends, and for most of us (me included) it is our first time. We rolled for ability scores, and as luck would have it, on one of my rolls I got all ones (which ...
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How to GM as a Solar NPC who has high Intelligence and Wisdom scores?

I'm considering using a Solar (INT 25, WIS 25) as a semi-benevolent (but also kind of annoying) come-and-go guide of sorts to 3 high-level PC's in an upcoming campaign. While I would like to imagine ...
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Shouldn't The Doctor almost always be an NPC?

I'm considering GMing Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, but there's something I fundamentally don't understand: Why is The Doctor a player-character option? And why is it the default selection?...
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How do I help my player, play a cool character?

Similar to a previous question about playing smarter characters I'm looking for techniques and strategies for playing badass characters that are a lot cooler than me. Specifically I'm asking for a ...
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How do I roleplay a character with a large disparity between their intelligence and wisdom?

This question is tangential to the (good) question how to role-play an intelligent character. Say you have a system that differentiates between intelligence and wisdom (dd4.0 being the obvious ...
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How do I GM a character immeasurably more intelligent than myself?

In the near future I am likely to have to GM God. Part of the difficulty I perceive I am going to have in this is God is immeasurably smarter, wiser, more creative, etc than I am - not by a ...
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How can I learn to play my character when they know more about tactics than I do?

I've recently joined a game of Aberrant, and it's extremely player-driven and roleplay-heavy. This is very different from what I'm used to (D&D 3.PF hack & slash), and I've run into a problem (...
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Balancing character intelligence against players wits

This might be a broad topic, so let me focus on one scenario, where I would like to hear which actions and methods fellow GMs use. A fantasy campaign runs along. BLUE plays a character who is dumb as ...
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How do I retrain myself to see characters as people and not systems?

Background Some of my previous questions (see What should I do when other players refuse to engage with my character's flaw? and Excessively clever characters vs. narrativist RP?) have alluded to ...
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How do I roleplay a character with higher wisdom than myself, and lower intelligence?

I have seen a few similar questions related to intelligence, charisma and a general disparity in mental stats, but nothing yet on high Wis, low Int. Lets start with the premise: Intelligence measures ...
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Is it really possible to represent a 'genius' character completely accurately?

In this thread, we had several examples of many ways to role-play a character that's smarter than its player. Many suggested letting the DM give information to the player that the character could ...
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How should I role play a madman NPC? [closed]

As a DM I always try my best to include unique characters in my adventures. I wanted to use a lunatic character who has completely lost his mind as a sort of minor plot hook to introduce the players ...
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Would a dim creature present as fully intelligent with 'Fox's Cunning'? [closed]

In 5e D&D, the spell Enhance Ability provides a buff: one of six ability scores gains advantage on ability's checks. Perk also happen: buffed-Con grants hit points, buffed-Strength grants double ...
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