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What is the source of the "spells do only what they say they do" rules interpretation principle?

Every time somebody asks a question like "can I use X spell for doing Y" the answer is usually "no" because spell descriptions are very short in 5e, and usually they don't ...
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Where do I find the "official" rules for D&D 5e?

I play D&D 5e and sometimes come here with questions. But sometimes I see things referenced here as sources that I don't have or am not aware of.... Which are the "official rules" for D&...
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Does the DM need to declare a Natural 20?

I see a lot of D&D content out there and when combat starts eventually someone gets a roll of 20, a so-called Natural 20, shouts out "Nat 20" and everyone cheers. The DM then does some ...
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With the 2019 Sage Advice Compendium release, are Jeremy Crawford's tweets considered to be "official rulings"?

The 2019 Sage Advice Compendium has been released. Previously, the SAC has indicated that Jeremy Crawford's tweets were considered to be official rulings. Is this still true?
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Does a critical hit from an expanded crit range always hit regardless of AC?

This question is in respect to the Champion's increased critical hit range. On a roll of 18 or 19 (when this class feature becomes available), is the attack automatically a hit as it would be with a ...
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Can Sentinel at Death's Door and Cutting Words combine to make a critical hit miss?

We already know from Sage Advice and other answers to other questions that by RAI, (and I guess RAW too), Cutting Words (and Bane) don't work on critical hits, though in the case of Cutting Words they ...
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Can the Portent ability of a Diviner Wizard negate a critical hit?

This question was inspired by the Question "Can Cutting Words cancel a critical hit?" According to a tweet by Jeremy Crawford, the Bardic inspiration ability cannot negate a critical hit. In fact he ...
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Would getting a natural 20 with a penalty still count as a critical hit?

Since rolling a number up to 20 with modifiers (an example 17 + 3) is not counted as a critical hit, what happens in the following case? If I roll a natural 20 and because of penalties end up with a ...
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Can Bardic Inspiration make a roll a Critical Hit?

Barding Inspiration has this rule (PHB page 33, emphasis mine): use a bonus action on your turn to choose one creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you. That creature ...
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Does the Temple of the Gods spell nullify critical hits?

I am already aware of this other question "Can a Lore bard's Cutting Words feature cancel a critical hit?" And do not believe it answers my question as this spell specifically mentions the d20. The ...
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What Counts as a Damage Modifier?

I was posting a homebrew/houserule here for critique (found here: Two-Weapon Fighting Mechanic Alterations ) and a point of confusion that came up was what exactly 5e counted as a damage modifier. The ...
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Cutting Words timing when playing online

Lore Bard's Cutting Words feature states the following: Also at 3rd level, you learn how to use your wit to distract, confuse, and otherwise sap the confidence and competence of others. When a ...
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