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Does bludgeoning damage to the jaw render vocal spells unusuable? [duplicate]

Would a mace to the jaw cause a bard or other spellcaster incapable of their vocal components for spells? It seems that I can't make a called shot to the bard's jaw so does this mean I have to hit his ...
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My players want extra effects from their attacks. What should I do?

I'm DMing for a group of 4 players, that are currently at level 3. Two of them have played a fair bit of 5e before, and two of them are new. I'm also new to DMing, though generally familiar with the ...
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How do I narratively explain how in-game circumstances do not mechanically allow a PC to instantly kill an NPC?

Inspired by this question, in particular this aspect: . . . how do I handle realism and one-shotting bosses out of combat? My understanding is that any creature, even a "normal person", cannot be ...
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How do I adjudicate a player trying to sweep kick an enemy's legs to knock them down?

I'm new to D&D. I already read both the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide (I'm mastering) and I would like to know how I could handle this situation: A player wants to do a sweep kick ...
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Can you reduce yourself, crawl into the Tarrasque's airway, and try to collapse its lung by enlarging inside of it?

A player tried to use the spell enlarge/reduce on his PC while in the mouth of the Tarrasque to shrink himself, then go deeper into its airway and to try to collapse its lung by enlarging himself ...
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Are lances in 5e a one-use item?

I cannot find a single bit of info on this subject. My group shares around the DMing between our three different ongoing and concurrent campaigns, and twice now this issue has come up. Granted there ...
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Would treating critical hits as "called shots" have unintended consequences?

While running a session, I found that some of the players would like to "call shots". Now while I don't want to allow "crit on desire" by always aiming for the head/eyes/etc., I was thinking about ...
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Can you shoot goodberries from a blowgun?

Is it possible to shoot a goodberry from a blowgun using the rules as written? The reason for my hesitation is because a blowgun hole might be too small for the goodberry to fit in, but then ...
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Is grabbing an opponent's arms to prevent casting within the "scope" 5e's combat?

Recently, my players faced off against an enemy spellcaster. During the fight, the barbarian stated that it was his intention to grab the spellcaster in a bearhug, pinning his arms to his sides to ...
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One of my players placed their eldritch cannon inside the mouth of an enemy. How should I handle the attack?

As stated in the title, one of my players has put their eldritch cannon (Artillerist Artificer) inside the mouth of one of the enemies in their current encounter. I'm struggling to figure out how to ...
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Putting a sack over an enemy's head

One of my players asked me a interesting question today that I don't have an answer for. He asked if it is possible to use an action to try and put a sack or bag over a creature's head to prevent that ...
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My players want to use called-shots on Strahd

Possible spoilers for the D&D 5E adventure Curse of Strahd: So last week my players encountered Strahd at level 3. My intention with this is to teach the players to think before spending their ...
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Does a gargantuan creature still die if only the feet are ever attacked?

A group of PCs without ranged weapons is facing a gargantuan creature (e.g. Tolkien's Oliphaunts). Obviously, if they don't climb the creature, they can only hit a small and non-lethal part of it (...
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Can I attack an object that is being worn or carried by a creature during combat?

Some enemies depend heavily on an object they wear or carry to be an effective combatant and so it may be advantageous to attack and destroy the object first, but I can't tell whether this is allowed. ...
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How can I adjudicate one character attemping to jump off a party member's shield at the enemy?

Last session, two of the members from my table attempted to make a combo together! I love when people contribute to the story, especially if it's going to be something epic like this situation, but I ...
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