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If a character casts a spell requiring concentration, do they know when it is no longer doing anything? [duplicate]

A cleric casts bane on 3 orcs. Two make their saving throw. RAW, the cleric does not know which orc was affected. The fighter rushes over and kills the orc that was affected by the bane, but the ...
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If I want to affect a creature with a concentration spell and it succeeds its save, do I notice my concentration failing? [duplicate]

I'm a fairly new DM, and I've run into a problem. One of my players tried to cast Modify Memory on a golem. Golems are immune to being charmed, but Modify Memory doesn't say creatures immune to charm ...
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Does the caster know when an Invisibility spell ends? [duplicate]

If a spell caster puts invisibility on someone else, and that person leaves the caster's immediate area, and somehow becomes visible--by attacking, presumably--does the caster know that the spell if ...
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Does a spellcaster know when their spell has no effect due to a save or immunity?

Suppose a cleric casts Zone of Truth on a captured enemy. Unbeknownst to them, the enemy is a rakshasa. Zone of Truth says (PHB, p. 289): You know whether each creature succeeds or fails on its ...
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Is a concentration spell suppressed when the caster is in Antimagic Field?

Antimagic Field, PHB, page 213 Spells and other magical effects...are suppressed in the sphere and can't protrude into it...While an effect is suppressed, it doesn't function, but the time it ...
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Do you know that Detect Magic is being suppressed if it intersects with Antimagic Field?

If you cast detect magic and it is suppressed by an anti-magic field, do you know that the spell was suppressed or does it give no feedback whatsoever? The exact scenario that came up was something ...
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Does a spellcaster have knowledge of remaining spell duration?

Simply put, does a spell caster know how much time is left until a spell they cast expires? For example, if Espio the spymaster cast Disguise Self (PHB 233) to infiltrate a city, would he know how ...
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Do any charm spells stop working when the caster is in an Antimagic Field?

The question is: Which charm spells (Charm Person, Suggestion, Geas, Dominate,...) are affected when the caster of the charm is in an Antimagic field, what if somehow the effect became permanent ...
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Can a spellcaster anticipate that the duration of a spell he's concentrating on is about to end?

For example, when a wizard casts invisibility, that target is invisible until they attack or after the duration of an one hour. Say a player wants to explore for 59 minutes, then duck into an alley as ...
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How does Counterspell interact with the Detect Magic spell?

If a character casts Counterspell against Detect Magic as it is being cast, will the caster of Detect Magic know this, or will they think there is no magic present for the duration of the spell? Does ...
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