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Would a caster know whether casting Remove Curse on a lycanthrope born that way was unsuccessful? [duplicate]

I have a player that's a born lycanthrope (weretiger), that was bitten by a known werebear. one of my other players is planning on casting remove curse on them. Would the caster know that the spell ...
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Does a spell caster know whether their non-physical spell has been successful? [duplicate]

For example, take the spell command: You speak a one-word command to a creature you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or follow the command on its next turn. ...
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What happens when a caster targets an object that looks like a creature with a spell that targets only creatures?

There are many spells which explicitly target creatures: Choose one creature within range The target creature is normally supposed to make a saving throw in this case. What happens when the ...
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Is it possible to tell if a child will turn into a Hag?

There's been a string of kidnappings and my players are about to discover a Hag coven. In the Hag's lair they will discover several children prisoners as well as some hag children. All will be the ...
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Can you decide to counterspell after another counterspell has failed?

Imagine the following situation: Bobby and Tommy, 2 characters with the Counterspell spell prepared, face against Freddy, an evil priest (who does not have Counterspell). Freddy casts a high level ...
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Does a spellcaster know when concentration ends?

Does a spellcaster know when concentration ends on one of their spells? For example, when a wizard casts invisibility, that target is invisible until they attack or after one hour. So if the ...
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How does Mind Blank affect the Zone of Truth spell?

The Archmage NPC casts Mind Blank on itself before entering combat per the MM. Mind Blank is powerful enough to foil a Wish spell to gain information about or affect the mind of a target, per the PH. ...
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Which "anti-lie-detection" features actually affect Zone of Truth?

D&D 5e has a handful of spells and features meant to protect the user against lie-detection magic. The examples I'm aware of are the Glibness spell and the Mastermind Rogue's Soul of Deceit ...
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Mechanics of casting Bless [duplicate]

I'm new to D&D and most of the stuff is easily understood (though might require some time spent reading the rules). What has me flummoxed is how casting of bless works for my cleric. I can't ...
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Is a character aware of how effective one casting is over another?

My warlock takes the Fiendish Vigor (PHB p.111) invocation, allowing them to cast False Life (PHB p.239) as a first level spell at will. False Life 1st-level necromancy Casting Time: 1 action Range: ...
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Does the caster of Dispel Magic know if they are successful?

Upon reading the text of Dispel Magic it isn't clear to me whether or not the caster of Dispel Magic knows whether or not they have been successful at dispelling a higher level effect. Or even if ...
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If a creature is immune to being charmed, does it know an attempt to charm it was made?

If a creature that is immune to being charmed has a charm spell cast on them. Do they know that an attempt to charm them was made? Can a creature immune to charm pretend to be charmed by a spell? Or ...
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Can a mystic sense nearby creatures using telepathy?

This question was raised by one of my players who is playing a third version mystic from unearthed arcana (released on 13/03/2017). To provide a couple of example scenarios: He has tried to use ...
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Does the caster of a tiny hut know whom it affects?

I DM for a party that includes a bard and a warlock, both of whom can cast tiny hut. In a typical dangerous area long rest, the bard casts tiny hut to include the entire party, and then the warlock ...
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If I want to affect a creature with a concentration spell and it succeeds its save, do I notice my concentration failing? [duplicate]

I'm a fairly new DM, and I've run into a problem. One of my players tried to cast Modify Memory on a golem. Golems are immune to being charmed, but Modify Memory doesn't say creatures immune to charm ...
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