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Can Yew Wands be used as a focus for both druids and wizards?

As I was developing a level 4 character for a 5th edition D&D campaign I was playing with my friends, I settled on a multi-class character using the Druid and Wizard classes. When I went to choose ...
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What counts as a spellcasting focus for bards?

Inspired by this question: Can a multi-class spellcaster have one thing be two different focuses? The PHB, on p54 says: Spellcasting focus You can use a musical instrument (found in chapter 5) ...
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Can I craft an Arcane Focus Shield?

In building a Cleric/Wizard, is there a mechanism by which I could buy or craft a shield that is an arcane focus with a holy symbol emblazoned on it?
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Must a multiclassed caster use 2 different spellcasting focuses? [duplicate]

A sorcerer who multiclassed into a cleric originally used a crystal arcane focus, but as a cleric, they must cast using a holy symbol as their spellcasting focus. In order to cast the cleric spells, ...
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Can an item be both an arcane and a divine focus?

I'm building a variation on the Palalock combo build from this Q&A, and noticed that Warlocks can use an arcane focus for their spellcasting. Since Paladins already cast through a divine focus (...
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Are Arcane Foci universal for Arcane casters?

Do I need one focus per spellcasting class I have, or does one work for both? In other words if I multi class from Warlock to Sorcerer, do I need an Arcane Focus for both classes or use just one ...
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Does using Instruments of the bard gives disadvantage to enemies if I use it to cast wizard spells?

If I am a dip of bard 1/Enchantment Wizard X can I use the give disadvantage of the instrument of the bards When you use the instrument to cast a spell that causes targets to become charmed on a ...
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What determines what type of spell casting focus I may use for a spell I obtained outside of my class spell list? [closed]

My intention for this is to allow my 5th level Alchemist Artificer to cast Toll the Dead through their Tools as is required to get the bonus from Alchemical Savaant. At 5th level, you develop ...
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If I multiclass into 2 or more spellcasting classes, how do I determine my known/prepared spells?

If I multiclass into 2 or more classes/subclasses that can cast spells, how do I determine what spells I know or can prepare? For instance, if I am playing a multiclassed character with 1 level in ...
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Precedent for a custom bardic weapon/instrument

I am starting a campaign with a player who really wants to play a bard with a guitar-sword. That sounds awesome, so I totally want to let him do this. Are there other weapons that are also ...
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Can a multiclass character use either of its spellcasting modifiers for spells?

Can a multiclass character use either of its spellcasting modifiers for spells? When character multiclasses into multiple classes that can cast spells, which modifier do you use for casting the spell?...
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May a character switch from a druidic to an arcane focus without expending an action?

If a multiclass Sorcerer/Druid wielding a shield and an arcane focus decides to cast a druid spell, can they switch their focus and cast the spell in a single turn? Secondarily, is it reasonable for ...
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