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How do I keep a published adventure playthrough "on rails" without removing player agency? [duplicate]

Split from: How do I deal with players who make friends with goblins? I want to run a campaign "from the book" for a group of new players (played RPGs before, but stuff much much lighter then D&D,...
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How to keep new players following the questline? [duplicate]

Recently I've started DMing a premade campaign (Curse of Strahd) for 4 players and I'm having issues keeping them along the pre-made questline. I've been playing an official campaign to practice being ...
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Is saying "Your PC wouldn't do that" to a player denying their agency?

In a comment to my answer to What would be the side effects on a Druid of wearing metal armor?, @Kevin asked: "So, RAW a druid will never choose to wear metal armor or use metal shields, so the ...
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Does the GM or Players move the session?

Last sunday I experienced my first session playing a TRPG (D&D 5e Curse of Strahd), and after think about the session I found something that I didn't understand exactly. The session started ...
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As DM, how do you advise against a course of action without speaking out of character?

I have just experienced my first D&D game, and I was thinking about creating my own world to DM a campaign in. I'm trying to learn and research as much as possible for this. One thing is that, ...
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Can lack of planning railroad players?

There's plenty of questions on here about how to, as a GM, prepare less for sessions and learn to go with the flow your players create rather than railroading them into your plans. I'm interested in ...
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Is there a formula or method of planning a flexible homebrew campaign or session?

Whenever I'm planning a session for my campaign I tend to prepare a very strict plot. It makes me feel comfortable, and though you can never feel entirely ready; it makes me feel somewhat ready to ...
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How to subtly railroad players to go in a certain direction?

Now I know that railroading is one of the cardinal sins of DM-ing, along with hard rules changes to fit your needs, and sloppily homebrewing every other custom rule. However, right now I feel like my ...
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Allowing your party to plan their own mission

Based on some feedback from my players, I'm going to allow them to plan their next mission, which will be a 'seemingly' straight forward heist affair onboard a moving vehicle (limiting their ...
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What is the origin of the term 'quantum ogre'?

As I understand it, a 'quantum ogre' is a piece of game content that the party will be unable to avoid encountering. It's a way of saving on prep time for the game master but that subtly removes ...
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How do I encourage my players to ... play? [closed]

I'm new to DMing. Of the many, many problems I anticipated I never expected to have players not do anything at all, and I'm not sure what to do with that. Its a small group with only 3 players. We've ...
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How can I get my player characters together and move towards a new town? [closed]

That might seen like an oddly worded question but hear me out. I am starting a new campaign soon and I kinda jumped the gun a bit with the pre-planning. None of my player characters know each others ...
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[Help]Group of 5-7 Custom Campaign Derailed [closed]

I have a group of 5-7 players all at level 7. Some of the players have come and gone. When we began this campaign (roughly a year ago) I was pretty new to DMing. I had a story written for an entire ...
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