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How do long rests work for small parties?

If there are three characters in a party, and each can stand watch for only two hours, how can they benefit from a long rest while also posting watch throughout the long rest? From PHB: A long ...
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What is the source defining what is RAW?

While discussing what constitutes RAW with NautArch in the comments on this question he claimed that the Starter Rules aren't considered RAW. While I'm aware that they are incomplete, I can't believe ...
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Must 5e elves take a long rest?

If an elf uses their trance regularly, takes short rests periodically, and is willing to forego the benefits of long rests (hit points and dice restored, spell slots and abilities restored, etc), is ...
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How many short rests can you take per day?

Is there a specific rule that limit the number of short rests per day like the one that say that a character can't benefit from more than one long rest in a 24-hour period? My friend is playing a ...
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Can a Bonus Action be used outside of a combat encounter?

Is there anything preventing a character from using an ability such as Second Wind, or casting a spell such as Misty Step, when not engaged in a combat encounter? The rules indicate you get one Bonus ...
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Can I treat 8 hours of downtime as 8 short rests instead of a long rest? [closed]

As far as I can tell a long rest is "a period of extended downtime, at least 8 hours long, during which a character sleeps or performs light activity: reading, talking, eating, or standing watch for ...
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Is it possible to "charge up" a sorcerer/warlock by taking multiple short rests?

So according to the wonders of multiclassing, it is possible to take levels in both Sorcerer (granting us sorcery points) and Warlock (giving us Pact Magic) which creates the handy combo of turning ...
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Is a player character required to engage in downtime activity?

This question was inspired by a scenario, where a character could use Elven trance and any number of short rests but no long rests. Based on this answer, I have a follow up question. By the rules-as-...
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Sleepless PCs and Exhaustion Rules

Xanathar's Guide to Everything gives the optional rule for "Going without a Long Rest" (emphasis added): Going without a Long Rest. A long rest is never mandatory, but going without sleep ...
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Can a Sorcerer use Flexible Casting to create more spell slots than is listed on the Sorcerer table?

A Sorcerer can create spell slots by expending sorcery points with the Flexible Casting feature. In the rules, is there any point where it states that you can't have more spell slots than what the ...
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Is the WBN homebrew Witch class a new coffeelock? [closed]

One of my players is using a homebrew Witch class created by the podcast Worlds Beyond Number with my blessing. Essentially it's a Wisdom-based wizard who can heal and whose powers revolve around ...
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Can you be in a perpetual state of short/long rest?

Based on this question: Does the Aspect of the Moon Eldritch Invocation effectively allow for unending Wild Shape? In that question the original poster wants to know if they could keep regaining use ...
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Does anything stop a sorcerer stockpiling spell slots?

A Sorcerer converts all their slots to 1st level, then they go to bed for the night. Is there any reason why they wouldn't still have those slots when they wake up in the morning?
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How does flexible casting interact with itself?

As I find builds about the Coffeelock (for peoples who doesn't know, it's a build that allows you to have an infinite amount of 5th level spells slot RAW, involving a sorcerer multiclassing in warlock)...
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How could you build a party to minimize the need for long rests? [closed]

This is an extension of a previous question that comes in two parts, and is based on the following problem. I've personally been in multiple encounters where the module as written assumed that the ...
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