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How to handle player knowledge when they fumble a knowledge roll [duplicate]

I'm a new DM of D&D 4e and I'm looking for some advice for handling failed and fumbled information rolls. I am using a house-rule that allows for misinformation when a 1 is rolled on the ...
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How do you keep players from using out of game knowledge when their characters wouldn't know the answer? [duplicate]

A lot of times I find my players using their knowledge about the game to there characters advantage even when the characters would have no way of knowing certain information. Here is an example. ...
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How can I reduce metagaming? [duplicate]

I have DM'd a couple of times and have been a long standing D&D/Pathfinder player. The one thing I see a lot in the games that I've played is metagaming. For example, everyone rolls a Spot check. ...
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How to secretly talk to one of the players while DM'ing?

To cut it short, the players (it's a 3 people party) are in some kind of a Secret Service of a rebel prince who wants the throne. One of my players is working for the current king secretly, feeding ...
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How can I effectively decrease metagaming and increase player immersion?

This question is posed in a great way over on the Paizo boards, where I hang out since I play/run a lot of Pathfinder. Immersion is one of the key parts of the RPG experience to me, so I loved the ...
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How can "mimic phobia" be cured or prevented?

This has actually happened to me as a player, and a player I've DM'ed in a oneshot. In short, when we delve into a dungeon, whenever a DM describes an object in a weird way, we become very cautious to ...
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As DM, what should I do when players roll perception where there is nothing to be found?

I had my first session as Dungeon Master (DM) yesterday playing pathfinder ("First Steps In Lore" from the "Pathfinder Society" series) with a group of first-time tabletop RPG players (myself included)...
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How do I prevent my players from immediately recognising an ambush?

I'm absolutely new to DnD, as my whole group is, and I am the DM. For an easy introduction to the game I chose the H1 adventure (Keep on the Shadowfell). In the first and second combat encounter the ...
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How can I avoid metagaming when I know things my character doesn't?

One common problem I run into, as a player, is having to feign not-knowing things my character doesn't but I do, be it rules about certain creatures ("Hmm that rock golem sure looks weak against [...]"...
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How to prevent players from metagaming when they split the party?

Let's say that I have a group of 4 players. During the game they decide to split for some reason (e.g. one group goes shopping, the other goes to the tavern). Now let's say that the group in the ...
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How to prevent metagame in betrayal/PvP scenarios?

Context/Research Often the metagaming problem is about how the DM presents the things to the players. We have lots of questions and good answers in the metagaming tag. Most of them are about ...
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Who should roll the dice?

Who throws the dice in your game? Do you want to see/know the numerical results? Does it impact your roleplaying? Personally, unless I'm in a formal tournament, I prefer not throwing dice and not ...
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Gaining XP for failures

I ran our first Dungeon World session yesterday, and we really had fun. We're all new to the game and to tabletop RPG's in general. I'm a fresh GM, so I forgot a few rules here and there, mostly ...
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Limitations of bluffing a PC on the bluffed PC's actions

Greetings fellow adventures!! In regards to bluffing PC's (Bluff Skill check),to what limitation does that affect the bluffed PC's actions. I will give an example to help portray the question; some ...
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Revealing game world information

A player asked me the other night: "In the World of Darkness are Vampires able to enter without being invited in?". The answer to the question is, yes, and even if they weren't the area was a public ...
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