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What deductive reasoning capabilities would a soulless Simulacrum with an Intelligence score of 22 have?

Assume that: A level 17 Wizard (School of Evocation) with an Intelligence score of 22 is able to create a finite but arbitrarily large number of simulacrums of himself, using the widely known ...
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Does a dragon need material components, specifically body bits, for a Simulacrum spell?

Please consider an ancient Green dragon with the variant ability to cast spells. She would like to cast Simulacrum. Monster Manual Page 86 / Variant: VARIANT: DRAGONS AS INNATE SPELLCASTERS: Dragons ...
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What happens if I use the Twinned Spell metamagic on Simulacrum?

If I cast the Simulacrum spell, and then use the Twinned Spell metamagic to cast it again, targeting myself and the first simulacrum, is the first simulacrum destroyed? What happens?
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Would a simulacrum created by a simulacrum of a caster that can cast simulacrum remain behind if the original simulacrum is destroyed? [duplicate]

A simulacrum of a caster can use magic, or this line would not make sense: [...] nor can it regain expended Spell Slots. But a caster can only have one simulacrum: If you cast this spell again, ...
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How can I set up a long-range alarm for my fortress?

My wizard is building a large, magically defended fortress. I have many powerful wards and defenses protecting it, but there's one large weakness - if I'm not in my fortress, I have no way to tell if ...
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What is the maximum damage you can deliver per day with Glyphs from a Demiplane or Portable Hole?

An exploit to circumvent the movement restrictions of glyph of warding is to cast the glyph on the walls of a demiplane or portable hole. As that space never moves, the glyphs can virtually be carried ...
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What is the highest-level spell that can be cast without a spell slot an unlimited number of times?

An 18th-level wizard gains a 2nd-level signature spell. This stipulates that they can "cast those spells at their lowest level without expending a spell slot when you have them prepared". ...
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Can you use consumables and charges with Astral Projection without really consuming them?

Astral Projection creates an astral copy of your body, replicating your possessions. Your astral body resembles your mortal form in almost every way, replicating your game statistics and possessions. ...
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How does the Infinite Simulacra exploit work? [duplicate]

I'm aware that there is a RAW legal exploit to create an infinite number of simulacra of yourself as a wizard. You cannot do it with just simulacrum, as the spell itself limits you to only one ...
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Can a Simulacrum cast Wish?

This question was provoked by a discussion in the comments of my answer to this question: What is the maximum number of Simulacra I can have? (the discussion itself has now been removed). The wish ...
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Would creating a Simulacrum duplicate the effects of the Fates card from the Deck of Many Things?

The text of Simulacrum states: [The Simulacrum] appears to be the same as the original, but it has half the creature's hit point maximum and is formed without any equipment. Otherwise, the illusion ...
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Does a Genie Warlock's Simulacrum regain their Mystic Arcanum and Limited Wish?

The situation is this: A Genie Warlock comes up with an elaborate scheme relying on multiple uses of his Mystic Arcanum; Wish. They know that this can be only cast once a day, but the wizard gave them ...
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What's the biggest choir I can create within 24 hours?

So I kind of forgot that tomorrow is the birthday of my dear mother-in-law, and I (stupidly in hindsight) promised I would show her "the biggest choir anyone could ever make, no humans required&...
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What is the most damage that can be done in one round on your turn? [closed]

I was surprised that this question has not been asked. I want to find out what the most damage that can be done in a single round? Here are the rules. Rules from Official Hardcover books only. Any ...
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How many spiders can a player character have through class features, spells, etc?

I've been considering making a character who is obsessed with spiders! I want to know how many spiders a player character can have at any one time through spells, class features, etc. (so not by ...

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