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How can I dissuade my players from attacking a deadly foe who isn't meant to be attacked? [duplicate]

I will be taking over as DM of our group in a few weeks. Our party right now has a large number of magic items, and while I don't have a problem balancing that, I would rather replace lesser ones ...
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How much greed is too much for a Chaotic Neutral character? [closed]

I have recently started GM-ing a new group of players, most of them are unexperienced. One of the players is a Chaotic Neutral Rogue. This description of Chaotic Neutral mentions that such character ...
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Must I use all available damage, if I want to leave my target alive?

If I roll a successful attack roll, then a damage roll that is greater than the remaining HP of a monster, do I have to apply all of it or can I leave him at 1 or even 0 HP? It doesn't Instant Kill ...
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How do I roleplay getting used to violence?

So I just rolled up a character for a D&D 3.5e game and looked around table to see we had two ex-soldiers, a professional bodyguard, and a 'famous' adventurous. (A level 1 bard with a big mouth.) ...
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Sometimes, losing a big conflict is the better plotline. For D&D, how do you encourage this result?

It is practically an old adage that D&D parties will never let a fight end in a loss (short of a TPK.) And that the game mechanics (especially later editions) encourage this thinking. But ...
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How can we as players stop being murderhobos? [closed]

My group is the classic example of murderhobos. When we come upon a strange creature, rather than trying to understand what it is, we simply kill it and ask questions once it is dead. Or instead of ...
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How can I effectively track changes in alignment?

In my game, I have decided that alignment will play a larger role than it does in most others. Players declare their 'intended alignment' at character creation by writing it in their alignment box. ...
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When casting Eldritch Blast with the Agonizing Blast eldritch invocation, what do I add to my damage roll?

This is my first time playing a warlock and I'm still fairly new to tabletop games, so I could use guidance. I know that eldritch blast does 1d10 force damage, and by 17th level, it has four beams ...
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Has any edition of D&D ever described specific ability score values in real-world terms?

A defining feature of Dungeons & Dragons is ability scores ranging over the result of 3d6 — that is, 3 through 18 — with possible modifiers going over or under that. Has any edition of D&D ...
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How can I meet the needs of players in a party whose characters have opposite alignments?

I am currently DMing a Star Wars D&D campaign. One character has a backstory that includes 'setting orphans on fire'. Needless to say, he is a murder hobo and a Sith. One of my other characters ...
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How do I get my players' LARP characters to not be a bunch of murderous cretins?

Just as many typical RPGs teach us that violence can solve most problems and that a (truly) dead enemy poses no problems, LARPers around my area (Moscow, Russia) are typically very quick to kill ...
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As a player, how can I help the GM when the game goes out of control?

I've seen numerous games go down the pan when certain players derail the plot, either making it PC vs GM, or making the game more about their ludicrous choices. It might seem overly harsh turn of ...
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What is it like to play in a campaign with Milestone XP? [closed]

I am currently playing D&D fifth edition with a GM I have never played with before. He will be giving out XP in milestones, so that we will be given XP when we do something specific or reach a ...
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Which is the better magic item effect, +1 to Int or +2 to hit?

We are playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen. The characters are level one. We have just reached the village. After we complete this section they will be level 2. In order to enrich their depth into ...
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During D&D 5e's different design iterations, were Assassins ever different?

I am running Hoard of the Dragon Queen for my players. I am currently preparing the next session and am reading "Episode 4: On the Road". The event No Room at the Inn (page 36) mentions an encounter ...
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