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How can I convey to my group that they have to discipline their murderhobo?

Introduction I guess most GMs have had a group of murderhobos in their sessions before and there are quite a few nice answers dealing with how to react to them, these threads have nice answers, but I ...
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What kind of character is unique for Eberron? [closed]

I am going to start playing Eberron for the first time. I have never played any D&D as I am not a fan of the series, but my friend is planning on doing some storytelling in the Eberron setting. I ...
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How should I handle a paladin player character killing foes after they surrender? [closed]

Recently my players were raiding a criminal headquarters. These were not nice people: drug runners, loan sharks, things like that. However, as the fight went poorly and they were unable to run away, ...
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How can I make the players think outside their normal selves?

I have been DMing a custom campaign, and the players are starting to complain that I am being to "god like" and throwing "to powerful encounters" at them. The group is level 2's and 3's, and I have ...
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How can I load polyhedral dice so they roll poorly? [closed]

My current GMing situation mandates I roll dice out in the open. However, I want some special loaded dice that'll roll poorly in case I need to save a PC or the plot. There are some caveats: Close ...
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Keeping a group together in a Zombie RPG

Being fairly new to GMing I am having trouble with keeping my PC's from turning on each other, and every thing in sight. It doesn't matter how much I punish them for killing obvious allies, or ...
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How to handle players who push fun aspects way too far?

I'm a DM running a Naheulbeuk campaign with coworkers on lunch time. The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is a humorous french podcast adventure, which parodies RPG, fantasy pop culture and tabletop games. ...
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How do I enforce laws against powerful PCs? [closed]

I've noticed that players, over time, tend to be a "law unto themselves" taking whatever liberties they feel is necessary for the storyline they're trying to figure out / win/ solve, and can leave a ...
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Does the Paladin's Code apply to evil foes, such as demons?

Everyone knows a paladin risks falling for violating the paladin's Code (i.e., don't steal, don't lie, don't sneak, warn a foe you're attacking, and all that crazy paladin jazz). However, a paladin ...
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Which are races, and which are species? [closed]

In all of the incarnations of D&D players can choose to be of different "races." Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings, from the beginning (putting on pause the race-as-class idea from ODD). In 1e ...
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How to deal with players who slaughter the innocent

There is a fellow player who is in the group of Pathfinder players I find myself playing with. I only play with him because we have a mutual friend (the DM). He is always trying to attack people for ...
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What good options are there for this version of a classic D&D moral quandary? [closed]

In Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Module 3, the players eventually come to room 10A. My question is... what are the players' options for dealing with the contents of this room? Some possibilities come to ...
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How to lead newer players to perform less linearly in encounters?

During a turn, a player has so many possible options, movement (e.g. crawl, climb, jump, grapple...), action (e.g. attack, dash, shove, dodge, hide...), bonus action, and reaction. Also to keep in ...
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Is this Murderous Celestial homebrew warlock patron balanced?

I'm hoping to get some feedback in order to keep this warlock subclass in balance - The Murderous Celestial. Context I'm the DM of a 5e D&D game. One of my players' characters is a Neutral-Good ...
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How to implement GM intrusion on a heavily improvised campaign?

I tend to improvise a lot. For example, on a campaign I usually just think the place where the players starts, their first "objective" and a bit of the setting and the world, but everything as light ...
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