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How do I know if I'm sending too many encounters at the party?

The party is currently 3 level 2 PCs: a fighter, a rogue, and a wizard. They don't work well together, but that's to be expected: all of them are new to role-playing. Soon they'll add another PC—a ...
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How do I convey that Traveller and the Outer Veil setting are more deadly than RPGs my players are used to? [closed]

I am about to run the "Beyond the Veil" scenarios for the outer veil setting for Traveller. I am concerned about how to set the tone for players not used to this setting or the ruleset. As death can ...
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How much should PCs earn as guards?

If a merchant hires the PCs as guards, how much should the PCs earn?
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What would an organization of bounty hunters need to neutralize any player character? [closed]

I've never had an issue with murder hoboes in my own campaigns, but I want to be prepared in case players think they can bully figures of authority or cast powerful spells that would be considered ...
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Am I being a bad sport or is my DM indeed being unfair? [closed]

Situation We had a party of me and 2 other players and a DM. My understanding of how the campaign was going to go after talking to the DM and the other players before playing was that there could be ...
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Rules-as-written, does an attempt to tie up a creature affected by the Sleep spell awaken it?

When playing PFS, I used Sleep on a group of thugs and disabled them all. When I declared that I was tying up one of them, our GM told us that the thug awoke and was now trying to fight. This left us ...
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How can I structure XP rewards to favor problem resolution over smashing bad guys?

I am planning a small scenario where the PCs must travel down a narrow corridor to reach the enemy at the other end. The enemy raises skeletons along the corridor, as a moving, attacking barrier. I ...
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How can I give rogues opportunity in a different alignment system? [closed]

In my campaigns not all goblins are evil, not all lammasu are good, etc so killing sentient creatures on sight based on race is strongly discouraged. Well, sneaking up and sneak-attacking is a rogue ...
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I have no idea where to take the campaign I'm running, need some advice [closed]

I'm a brand new GM and decided to run my first campaign with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. When helping my players create characters I told them they should make they make like the crew in firefly, ...
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How do you make an interesting game without boring players? [closed]

I just became a sort of DM in which I go through a fun world in all it's glory. How do I make it so people won't get bored and just start killing things, yet also don't become fed up because the game ...
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DM Problems That I need help with [closed]

I am A new DM who has just started DMing a game of LMoP - this is my first game in which im DMing. There are only 2 PCs right now. There is a 3rd PC who comes to play on-off. (Is this ok?) I have ...
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