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What would an organization of bounty hunters need to neutralize any player character? [closed]

I've never had an issue with murder hoboes in my own campaigns, but I want to be prepared in case players think they can bully figures of authority or cast powerful spells that would be considered ...
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How do I stop murder hobos? [duplicate]

So I recently started DMing for the first time at a school club. I was basically voluntold by the teacher, and have never even played D&D as a player before. So I read 70% of the Player's Handbook ...
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What are good ways to resolve intense intra-party conflict without PvP?

The Short Version: An evil PC is killing town children during long rests. The town authorities have decided that they need him (and the rest of the group) to handle a big problem anyway. Several other ...
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How can we as players stop being murderhobos? [closed]

My group is the classic example of murderhobos. When we come upon a strange creature, rather than trying to understand what it is, we simply kill it and ask questions once it is dead. Or instead of ...
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My players have a habit of always torturing enemies they capture for information, how can I make our adventure less macabre? [closed]

So I'm running the lost mines of Phandelver as a new DM and we're about 5 sessions in. I've noticed a pattern that seems to repeat itself: the players defeat and capture an evil NPC character that ...
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How to keep the players working together?

I am the GM of a group of 5 players, I know them as I usually play other games with them. Here is the composition of the group: a Barbarian (B) a Paladin who worships Tyr (P) a Rogue (R) a Cleric who ...
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How to lead newer players to perform less linearly in encounters?

During a turn, a player has so many possible options, movement (e.g. crawl, climb, jump, grapple...), action (e.g. attack, dash, shove, dodge, hide...), bonus action, and reaction. Also to keep in ...
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Managing New Player "Murder Hobos"

I am running a LMoP game for a group of new players, and everyone is having a great time. We are all very new to it all though - it's my first time running a prewritten campaign as a DM, (only had a ...
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How can I meet the needs of players in a party whose characters have opposite alignments?

I am currently DMing a Star Wars D&D campaign. One character has a backstory that includes 'setting orphans on fire'. Needless to say, he is a murder hobo and a Sith. One of my other characters ...
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Am I being a bad sport or is my DM indeed being unfair? [closed]

Situation We had a party of me and 2 other players and a DM. My understanding of how the campaign was going to go after talking to the DM and the other players before playing was that there could be ...
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Is there any way to keep a player from killing an NPC?

I was running a one shot for friends and a player had gotten annoyed with an NPC that the other players really liked. This came to a head when after a combat encounter the Player decided to attack the ...
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Is this Murderous Celestial homebrew warlock patron balanced?

I'm hoping to get some feedback in order to keep this warlock subclass in balance - The Murderous Celestial. Context I'm the DM of a 5e D&D game. One of my players' characters is a Neutral-Good ...
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Rules-as-written, does an attempt to tie up a creature affected by the Sleep spell awaken it?

When playing PFS, I used Sleep on a group of thugs and disabled them all. When I declared that I was tying up one of them, our GM told us that the thug awoke and was now trying to fight. This left us ...
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When casting Eldritch Blast with the Agonizing Blast eldritch invocation, what do I add to my damage roll?

This is my first time playing a warlock and I'm still fairly new to tabletop games, so I could use guidance. I know that eldritch blast does 1d10 force damage, and by 17th level, it has four beams ...
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What exactly is a "murder hobo"?

I've been here reading Q&A for some month now, and I already saw some concerning murder-hobos (or sometimes called murderous cretins). As I'm French, I tried to directly translate it, but it gave ...
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