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Way to prevent teleportation

My party (average level 10) just had a pre-boss fight. That was an opportunity for me to make them spend some of their resources, because they thought that was actually the big bad boss fight. So we ...
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How can I play monsters and NPCs up to their potential?

In many cases discussions about balance in 3.5 will, inevitably, involve one side or another invoking an anecdote of the time they fought this monster, or a member of that class, and they didn't ...
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How to prevent scrying, Locate Person, teleportation, planeswalking, Locate City, and other intrusions in the name of national security [closed]

I am writing a story set in a modern world where D&D magic works. Now, I also have a Cheyenne Mountain like set of facilities in my world, underground hardened military airbases. Obviously, you ...
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Does a Heightened spell bypass Spell Immunity?

Spell Immunity: The warded creature is immune to the effects of one specified spell for every four levels you have. The spells must be of 4th level or lower. The warded creature effectively has ...
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Why don't high-level parties get scry/teleport ambushed? [closed]

In How opponents buffing affects encounter difficulty, a commenter said: a teleportation ambush should not happen to a party of level 17 adventurers because either they'll be prepared for that ...
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How can I build a prison on the astral plane?

I'm playing D&D 3.5. I have a level 12 character who is 5th Psion (Telepath) and 7th Thrallherd. He has created a religion that worships ascension. To gain "immortality" he is going to use True ...
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What determines whether an item can be considered "epic"?

In our current campaign our DM is allowing us to get a single non epic item as a reward. One of the players wanted to get a Cowl of Warding, it's a very powerful item that's described in Magic of ...
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How does Anticipate Teleportation Greater affect yourself?

This is a great one, that comes from here: How does Anticipate Teleportation Greater affect someone walking through a Dimension Door? and Anticipate Teleportation on yourself. So... you are inside ...
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Denying (NPC) divine casters the ability to regain spells

I am playing an epic D&D 3.5e PC in a medium-optimization (for an epic 3.5e, as I understand it, at least) game: Most regular spells are available to the party (modulo those labeled Evil), ...
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How have Yuan-Ti communities defended their bases against attrition attacks? [closed]

My party are level 14 and we are running a high-level version of Tomb of Annihilation. Based on lore, The Yuan-Ti had superb intelligence compared to other races. The yuan-ti took advantage of ...
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