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When does the 'duration' of a delayed spell begin?

There are a few options in 5e to delay casting. For example, the Ready action allows one to ready a spell: When you ready a spell, you cast it as normal but hold its energy, which you release with ...
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How can a BBEG deal with a Wall of Force and Sickening Radiance spell combo without trivializing it?

This question has already been asked in general form here, but was closed as too broad: "How to deal with broken combos?". I'm going to make an effort to make the scenario I'm asking about ...
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Produce Flame Cantrip as a readied or holding action?

A PC states that they are going to use the Ready action to cast produce flame. They want to produce the flame to see on their turn, but they want to wait until the trigger happens to hurl the flame. ...
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Can Dispel Magic be used to stop a readied spell from taking effect before the trigger occurs?

NOTE: this does not refer to the case of readying a dispel magic spell to stop a spell from being cast as in this question, but rather using dispel magic to stop a readied spell from being cast. ...
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Can you move between the separate attacks of a spell?

Some spells (Eldritch Blast, Scorching Ray) involve making multiple attacks, in that they require multiple attack rolls. Under the movement section of the PHB, the "Moving Between Attacks" reads (PHB ...
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If I place a Bag of Holding inside another Bag of Holding, can I use Misty Step to get away before the gate to the Astral Plane opens?

Placing a bag of holding inside another bag of holding opens a gate to the Astral Plane, as discussed here: Is it possible to stuff a Bag of Holding inside another Bag of Holding? Can I use misty ...
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How does readying a spell interact with the Sorcerer's Metamagic feature?

The Ready action states (emphasis mine): [...] When you ready a spell, you cast it as normal but hold its energy, which you release with your reaction when the trigger occurs. [...] Thus, when you ...
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Can I deny a counterspell by readying my spell behind full cover?

Suppose I am within counterspell range of an enemy mage (who has counterspell) and want to guarantee that my spell won't be countered. Could I do so entirely on my turn by moving behind full cover, ...
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Does Silence cancel a readied spell?

The silence spell description states: For the duration, no sound can be created within or pass through a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within range. Any creature or ...
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Can Counterspell be used as a Legendary Action by an Archlich?

An Archlich in a WotC adventure is listed as being able to cast one of their at-will spells as a Legendary Action. Here's the quote: At-Will Spell. [the lich] casts one of his at-will spells. The ...
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Do reactions interrupt their triggers or not?

In the Player's Handbook, it is pretty clear that reactions normally interrupt the thing that they are reacting to. Xanathar's Guide to Everything, however, has explicitly changed all reactions to ...