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Weapon attacks compared with damaging cantrips?

Cantrips scale automatically with character level. Weapon attacks only scale with ability score and any extra attack features you might get. How could the damage of weapon attacks keep up?
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Do I have to worry about players making “bad” choices on level up?

When I came back to RPGs (after 20 years) I discarded pathfinder after reading about the complexities of the systems and the fact that there was a real chance of getting “bad characters” if you made ...
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Does a multiclass Sorcerer/Wizard have something that a single-class Wizard or Sorcerer doesn't have?

I have a character concept (for roleplaying reasons primarily) of a Sorcerer who started to study the Arcane in an intellectual way and gained a few levels as a Wizard. He is Sorcerer 3 / Wizard 3 now....
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Multiclassed character with all classes - any reason this can't be done in 12 levels?

I was recently watching some Youtube gaming videos and came across this one in which the narrator created a character he said was book legal: a 14th level character who had at least one level in each ...
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Would these multi-classing house rules cause unintended problems?

I'm part of an RPG Group that plays multiple campaigns in multiple systems. Lately, two of our members have announced interest in a D&D 5e campaign, which isn't a system this group has played ...
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How does an Fighter (Eldritch Knight) 20 compare to a Fighter 10/Wizard 10 for both damage dealt and durability?

With the release of the PHB we have the Eldritch Knight fighter archetype as an innate, class-driven way for the fighter to compete with the wizard in the AoE department. This prompted a discussion ...
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Is my monk/wizard multiclass house rule overpowered?

My player is a monk 3/wizard 2 multiclass. To help him feel like a magic pugilist, I am using a house rule that allows his monk a Bonus Action to attack after casting specific cantrips. Since the ...
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Is a Barbarian 1/Warlock n effective as a tank?

Playing my first 5e game soon. We're using PHB material only for characters. Is it possible to have a character that is sort of the main tank/off tank with a character who will start as a barbarian ...
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How do character levels work with multiclassing? [closed]

I'm new to D&D and I just got my hands on a few of the books. I need help in understanding this one issue. When multiclassing, your character level is the total of the individual class levels ...
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What are advantages and disadvantages of a Sorcerer/Rogue multi-classed character? [closed]

I have recently joined a 5e campaign and I was thinking about making a Sorcerer Rogue multi-classed character. Before I commit to that character build, what are the pros and cons of multi-classing in ...
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How to increase Survivability while using Warding Bonds?

(I completely misunderstood this question, but I did not want my answer there go to waste) Now it seems you can cast Warding Bond on multiple allies. While a +1 bonus to saves and AC is good, and ...
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