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How do I get an idea of the number of rounds encounters are expected to take? [duplicate]

In a campaign I am starting I want to make use of an encounter where the players could lose a device that will make it easier for them to pass a puzzle later on. The idea is the following: In order ...
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Is there a real use for the Medicine skill?

Does the Medicine skill have a hidden use I don't know about? All I can see in the rules is that it allows a successful skill roll to stabilize a dying character, which a healer kit does without a ...
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Do you get advantage on the Steel Wind Strike spell's attacks because you "vanish"?

The spell steel wind strike (XGtE, p. 166) says that you: vanish to strike like the wind. (Emphasis added) At first glance you might read this as an inconsequential part of the description. But ...
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What deals more damage on a weapon, +1 to hit or +1 to damage?

Background: I'm introducing masterwork items for 5e as a homebrew rule, both to help players spend surplus gold on something useful when they cannot buy magic items, and to make shopping a bit more ...
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Self-Preservation: How to DM NPCs that Love Living?

I have it in mind that humanoid NPCs do not "rage against the dying of the light" as much as they should. Combat encounters frequently result in a full-on massacre, when realistically a single ...
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Typically, how many combat encounters should a low-level party have before they are expected to take a long rest?

I'm trying to improve the pacing of my encounter design. (I suspect that I've been making them too easy for my players, or that I haven't been paying close enough attention to how many resources they ...
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What is the most optimal grappling character build in DnD 5e? [closed]

After reading this question on creating a grappling fighter in Pathfinder, I got to thinking about how something similar could be created in DnD 5e. As with the linked question, I am hoping to play ...
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Is there any estimate of average damage output per turn for PCs by level?

For monsters, we have the guidance of how much damage they are expected to deal in a round based on their CR from the DMG on page 274. In contrast, there is no such explicit guidance for expected PC ...
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Is this Control Magic homebrew spell balanced? (Spell-stealing counterspell)

I based this off of Counterspell, with higher level requirement as it seems to me that it is generally a more useful spell. Control Magic Fifth level abjuration Casting Time: 1 reaction, when you see ...
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Reducing enemy HP by half to speed up combat

Lately, I've been feeling like combats in my 5e game have been taking too many rounds. Once the novelty of the situation is established, the fight eventually becomes a slog as the players grind away ...
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Most DPR (Damage Per Round) Barbarian Build against Undead

We start playing Curse of Strahd and I am looking for a max DPR (Damage Per Round) Barbarian for the setting. I know there is a nice polearm build but I reckon the weapon should be a bludgeoning one. ...
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Stampede: How does this custom spell compare to Cloudkill, another 5th level spell?

Is this stampede spell (a proposed custom spell for Druids and Rangers in my upcoming campaign) as strong as, or weaker than, the 5th level spell cloudkill? I used a similar base damage, the duration ...
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Are there any balance issues with allowing thrown Javelins to be drawn for free like ammunition weapons?

Weapons that have the ammunition property, such as bows and crossbows, can be used without having to worry about the action economy with regards to the ammunition itself (such as arrows or bolts) as ...
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As a level 4 halfling hexblade pact of the blade warlock, what are my options for high damage per round?

I play a halfling hexblade pact of the blade warlock. I recently learned exactly how hexblade/pact of the blade interaction work in this this question. I figured out that I can have 2 weapons that ...
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What's a simple way to handle the ignition of flammable objects by spells?

A lot of my party's (3rd level) casters have something of a predilection for the Fire Bolt cantrip. Like some other fire-damage spells, Fire Bolt's description specifies that: A flammable object hit ...
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