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Can you make armor with multiple elemental resistances using only wool and copper? And how much time and money would it cost?

For context One of my players is playing for the first time and has some problems with magic and how versatile it is, therefore he is attempting to make an armor to resist fire, lightning, acid and ...
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What is considered an object?

In the PHB, on page 193, the Use an Object action is described: Use an Object You normally interact with an object while doing something else, such as when you draw a sword as part of an ...
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Is there anything that can create a fire that burns underwater?

Is there any fire-related item or spell in D&D 5e that can create a fire that can burn underwater?
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Can you cast spells through water?

The PHB says normally you need "a clear path to the target" to target someone with a spell (see "Spellcasting", page 204). Jeremy Crawford confirmed, that you can't cast a spell through semi ...
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Can you safely assume that Beholder's rays are visible and audible? (based on rules / lore / novels / famous campaign streams, etc)

Some context: We're running Dragon Heist and the party is facing Xanathar himself. This question actually was caused by this discussion about the tactics of a party trying to distract the Beholder and ...
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Do vampires gain exhaustion during a chase?

The DMG Says the following about dashing during a chase: During the chase, a participant can freely use the Dash action a number of times equal to 3 + its Constitution modifier. Each additional Dash ...
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What happens to lightning spells underwater?

As the old adage goes, "water and electricity don't mix" because in real life water contains impurities that make it super conductible. So what would happen if, for instance, a sorceress ...
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Can you cast the Produce Flame cantrip underwater?

Can you cast the produce flame cantrip underwater? All I could find on this subject was on p. 198 of the Player's Handbook: "Creatures and objects that are fully immersed in water have resistance to ...
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What is the interaction between mold earth and create bonfire?

If I cast create bonfire in a 5 foot unoccupied space, and then, in the next round, cast mold earth to excavate that same area creating a 5 foot pit underneath the fire -- does the bonfire fall or ...
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Does banishment banish carried or worn equiment?

A commonly accepted interpretation rule for spells is that spells only do what they say they do, nothing more. Shocking grasp does not electrify water, fireball does not evaporate it. So a spell that ...
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Underwater Druidic Spellcasting

I've recently started building an underwater campaign, where most of the action will take place underwater. One of my players has brought to my attention the druidic spell list. They start at level 10,...
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