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How does a player correct a GM mistake without being a rules lawyer or pushover?

You are playing in a game. The GM says that you need to roll a given roll. The rules clearly state something different. I realize one solution is to go along to get along, then tell the GM after the ...
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Does an ability or spell grant me the bonus action with which to use it?

The 5e D&D Basic Rules v0.1 description of casting times says that spells with a casting time of "bonus action" require a bonus action to cast (p. 79, emphasis mine): Most spells ...
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Can I Ready an action to run away?

This is a follow-up to Can I Ready an action to Disengage? It looks to me that the 5E RAW does not have a simple way to declare a behaviour like this: If anything nasty comes towards me, I run in ...
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Does moving by means of a bonus action provoke opportunity attacks?

The criteria for not provoking an opportunity attack when leaving an opponent’s reach are: Take the Disengage action or Teleport or Move (or be moved) without using your action, reaction, or movement....
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Can I change my movement/action in the middle of the turn after an enemy's reaction?

Imagine I'm a rogue and I see an opponent 50' away. In my turn I want to use my movement and my Dash bonus action (Cunning Action) to approach it and use my Action to attack. Then, after moving just ...
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How would taking an opportunity attack in your turn affect your intended actions and bonus actions?

A guy uses the Charger feat (below, description copied from PHB) to attack an enemy. Another enemy has already readied a move action triggered by the players movement. Due to a miscalculation on my ...
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What does "takes an action" mean?

The context of this question, is the following: I've recently joined a D&D table, which happened to be with only new players, including the DM himself. The other day, our DM introduced us a new ...
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Can an enemy facing someone with the Sentinel Feat and a Glaive move 5' then disengage?

Sentinel (pages 169–170, Player's Handbook) says Creatures within 5 feet of you provoke opportunity attacks from you even if they take the Disengage action before leaving your reach. So one ...
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Is a Dragonborn's breath weapon an attack action? [duplicate]

In 5e, is the breath weapon of a Dragonborn an attack action or can it be combined with another attack? The Player's Handbook does not specify.
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Is a Giant Owl balanced as a UA Beast Conclave revised ranger's animal companion?

The UA revised ranger's Animal Companion feature for the Beast Conclave says that any beast of roughly CR 1/4 can be a companion (size Medium or below, 15 or less HP, and deals 8 damage or less a turn)...
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