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Does a Paladin's Steed use the Ranger's animal companion mechanics? [duplicate]

Does a Paladin's steed, when not using it as a mount, attack and perform other tasks through your command, like a Ranger's animal companion? I'm under the impression that a Paladin's steed works like ...
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How much do you control a 'Find Steed' mount when you are unmounted? [duplicate]

There have been multiple questions asked about the specifics of mounted combat, especially as a paladin. Some of them have been conflicting and are mostly based on the rules we have in PHB p198 and on ...
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Is the Warlock's Awakened Mind telepathy two-way, or only one-way?

When warlock chooses a pact with The Great Old One, he gains a feature called Awakened Mind (Player's Handbook, p. 110): Starting at 1st level, your alien knowledge gives you the ability to touch ...
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Paladin Smite Spells and the Steed: Can either or both trigger the damage?

Short question How does the family of Smite spells work when a Paladin is mounted on a Paladin's Steed that was summoned by Find Steed spell? Steed and Paladin share the effects of some spells. ...
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Is a pegasus summoned by Find Greater Steed controlled or independent when mounted?

A pegasus is described thusly with regards to mounts: [T]hese wild and shy creatures are as intelligent as humanoids, and so can’t be traditionally broken and tamed. A pegasus must be persuaded to ...
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What's the difference between the Find Steed and Find Greater Steed spells?

What's the difference between the find steed and find greater steed spells? I found the find steed and find greater steed spells while playing 5e. By the rules as written, they seem almost identical ...
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Do steeds summoned with Find Greater Steed have other options than the usual control rules during mounted combat?

During mounted combat, I understand there are two possible options: You can control your mount, in which case your mount cannot make an attack, or You can opt to leave it independent (and controlled ...
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For the Find Steed spell, what does it mean to bond with your steed and "fight as a seamless unit"?

The description of the find steed spell says (emphasis added): Your steed serves you as a mount, both in combat and out, and you have an instinctive bond with it that allows you to fight as a ...
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Can a mount use the Help action in combat?

This question by V2Blast piqued my interest into the subject of what mounts can and cannot do. If a paladin uses the find steed spell to find a mount that could possibly attack and such, could he get ...
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Is Dominate Person's telepathic link one-way or two-way?

Does Dominate Person form a one-way or two-way telepathic link? If the link is two-way, can the target communicate (willingly or when asked) information? Does the target need to spend a turn or bonus ...
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While riding a mount summoned by Find Steed, when does the caster choose whether the mount is controlled or independent?

Other Q&As on RPG.SE have discussed the by-now-familiar rules for mounted combat, including the differences between controlled and independent mounts. See, e.g., When can you choose to control a ...
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Does the steed summoned by Find Greater Steed act on the turn you cast the spell?

Can I cast find greater steed (XGtE, p. 156) to summon a creature, hop on it, and use its movement, action, or both - all in the same turn?
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