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2300 AD is a science fiction RPG created by Game Designers' Workshop. The first edition (released in 1986) was titled Traveller: 2300 and intended as a "harder" sci-fi alternative to GDW's earlier Traveller sci-fi game, but since it used neither the same rules nor the same setting, the second edition (released in 1988) was renamed to 2300 AD.

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10 votes
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What is the application of symbols in the cultural extension of UWP?

In Traveller-5, worldgen step E includes creating the world's cultural extension (Cx), the last digit of which is "symbols." The rule book explains only that: Symbols used by the culture may range ...
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Is close quarters combat with firearms in a confined space considered a hazardous task?

I know firing indoors has the potential to hit walls, hulls and equipment, but from the rules this is potentially an additional armor value if a player or npc has cover. I also see where some combat ...
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