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For questions about the AGE (Adventure Game Engine) System, the game system published by Green Ronin Games that backs Fantasy AGE, Dragon Age RPG, The Expanse RPG, and a few others.

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What are the mechanical differences between Fantasy AGE 1st and 2nd editions?

I own the Fantasy AGE 1st edition book and the Dragon AGE book as well. I'm interested in taking a look in the 2nd AGE edition, but from my brief research, there weren't many significant changes (in ...
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How do I hide my NPC rolls from players?

I'm planning on running a one-shot mission for my RPG group, and due to the geographic distance of the group (among other things), this will happen virtually. I chose Foundry VTT as my platform since ...
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How can I calculate expected Stunt Points per attack when FIRST dropping a d6?

I’m trying to determine what the math is if you use the AGE STUNT system, but first roll Xd6 and choose the 2 that you want to keep. Note, the STUNT Die would be rolled at the same time as the Xd6 and ...
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What's the target number when you don't have a relevant focus?

How much does the target number go up if a PC doesn't have a relevant focus? The rules mention that the GM decides if they're allowed to roll at all, but doesn't mention target number. The example ...
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Can a player use Fortune to reduce a dice roll?

In The Expanse RPG a player can spend Fortune Points (FP) to improve a test by changing a dice value equal to the number of FP spent. Can a player also use this mechanic to decrease a rolled value? ...
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Why are some of the Stunts in The Expanse RPG labelled 'Core'?

The system for The Expanse is the AGE system, so I'm hoping someone with another game which uses AGE can answer this. Neither The Expanse core rules nor the Blue Rose RPG have any rules about it! In ...
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What'd be the Fate/Fudge equivalent of the stunt mechanics from AGE System?

As you might know, the AGE system (Dragon Age RPG, Fantasy Age RPG, etc) has a mechanic of generating stunt points based on the player rolling doubles on any of the 3d6. If you are not familiar with ...
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How can I calculate the expected number of stunt points per attack?

If I hit on a 3, the Dragon Dice can show anything, the chance of getting a double is 44.44%, so on average it is 1.55 (3.5 * 0.44) Stunt Point per attack. If I hit only on a 18, the Dragon Dice can ...
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