Questions tagged [aiding-the-gm]

For questions related to assisting the game master as a player or spectator. This could be material help or non-material help with running the game.

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24 votes
6 answers

What can we do to help our DM remember the rules?

There is a question for how to help another player remember the rules. We have a slightly different problem: our DM is forgetting how even our most commonly used character features work, and is ...
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20 votes
4 answers

How can I, as a player, help a struggling GM at a one-time game?

I have recently found myself at a convention, playing a one-time game, with a GM who had a lot of good intentions, but was new, and struggling. She was saying things like: "you walk into the forest, ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How can I help the GM make investigation engaging for the whole party?

Inspired by How can I make investigation engaging for the whole party?, this is roughly the same question but from the opposite side of the fence. As a player, how can I make the investigations more ...
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How do you help your GM/fellow PCs track buffs/debuffs?

In the spirit of Math is Fun, what's the best way you've found to help your fellow PCs and the GM keep track of buffs and debuffs during play? In our current Jade Regent game, it's gotten to be a ...
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As a player, how can I help the GM when the game goes out of control?

I've seen numerous games go down the pan when certain players derail the plot, either making it PC vs GM, or making the game more about their ludicrous choices. It might seem overly harsh turn of ...
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