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All Flesh Must Be Eaten (AFMBE) is a Unisystem game for playing traditional Zombie horror movie games.

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A way for zombies and humans to cohexist [closed]

Preliminary Information I couldn't find any other reliable website where I could ask this question, even though it has no specific answer (which the rules suggest). But I have a strong feeling this ...
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What happens when player characters die?

I'm quite new to role playing games; I've got about 10 sessions of experience. I'm interested in the role of game master, and I've tried an introduction game where everything is pretty much set up for ...
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Aside from Quick Learner are there other qualities that take effects only AFTER character creation?

As can be seen here: When/how does the Quick Learner merit work? The quick learner positive quality comes into effect only AFTER character creation. Are there any other qualities for which this is the ...
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When/how does the Quick Learner merit work?

The quick learner merit (Quick Learner 3-point Mental Quality) states that: As a result, when the character starts learning a new regular skill he gains one level or speciality free up to level ...
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Zombie point calculations seem to be inconsistent

In All Flesh Must Be Eaten, I have been looking at a game that runs similarly to The Walking Dead series, but within about a month or two after the outbreak at most. The problem I am having is with ...
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How can I get my group to use actual weaponry, not just improvised?

Currently playing a survival-horror game (All Flesh Must Be Eaten), and our characters are your average mix'n'match group of lucky-to-be-alive survivors. My issue is, one of our characters (a 21 y/o ...
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Should the players roll a defense if the attack didn't succeed?

In AFMBE, attacking consists of two rolls: an attack vs TN 9, a defense vs TN 9, and if they both succeed, the higher number wins. If the attack doesn't total at least a 9, should the defender roll a ...
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How can I let one of my players secretly be a lot stronger than they know?

All my players start out as Norms (the regular human-strength type of character in All Flesh Must Be Eaten). I am playing with the idea of letting one of them secretly be an Inspired instead (the ...
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Should I give skills and full stats to NPCs?

Some friends have asked me to run a game for the first time. We are going to play All Flesh Must Be Eaten. It's fun, easy and rules are not as important as actual roleplaying. I have created the ...
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DM organization ideas for Sandbox campaign

I have over the past couple months been putting together Ideas on how I would run an All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign. How do other DMs organize their Bads or Locations that the PC's might wish to ...
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With a negative Strength value, how much damage can I do?

When skipping through the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rulebook, I noticed that you can create PCs with negative strength values (e.g., children). As hand weapons do damage based on that strength value, ...
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