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Questions tagged [alternate-class-feature]

For questions primarily about alternate class features (ACFs), abilities derived from a character's class that are different from the default features. They are typically published as "variants" to allow further customization within a given class by players and DMs, and often replace the corresponding default class features. (See also: the [class-feature] tag.)

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8 votes
1 answer

Monk ACFs, substitutions, or variants that trade in the default AC bonus?

In an amusing (to me anyway) reversal of my previous question, I have a character who is taking a single level of monk for the purposes of bonus feats. This character has Wisdom 8 and wears (light) ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Is there a way for an oracle to gain or take a revelation from a mystery not his own?

At least two oracle mysteries contain revelations letting an oracle use his Charisma modifier instead of his Dexterity modifier to compute his AC (the mystery lore has the revelation sidestep secret ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Plant Companion questions

I am playing a 4th level Druid, 3rd level Wizard (1D/1W/1W/1W/1D/1D/1D/1AH) combination going into Arcane Hierophant at 8th level through to 17th level. I chose the plant companion from Dragon ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How quickly can a Plant Companion of a Druid manifest new abilities through Natural Selection?

The Natural Selection of the Plant Companion ACF reads, in part: Each new ability has a delay in levels between when you select it and when your plant companion gains it. You may select a new ability ...
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2 answers

Replacement for a Samurai Mount in a Dungeon-Crawler

With some friends of mine, I play pathfinder in a dungeon-crawler way (a bit inspired by the phenomenal game Darkest Dungeon, so the heroes venture into dungeons to gain treasure and rebuild a town, ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to get Decisive Strike with a non-Monk weapon? [duplicate]

I'm working on a Darth Vader build for a competition. To represent the light saber, I would really like to use mind blade (from the 3.0 Soulknife prestige class, which is actually pretty cool, ...
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Decisive Strike and secondary attacks

If my Warforged Monk has the Jaws of Death warforged feat (Races of Eberron, p. 119), which provides a secondary natural weapon, can I use it after Decisive Strike?
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