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Questions tagged [antipaladin]

For questions about Anti-Paladin characters, who are often evil/fallen paladins.

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Is there a way to make Chaotic Neutral Anti-Paladin?

There are anti-paladins templates such as Paladin of Tyranny requires Lawful Evil and Paladin of Slaughter requires Chaotic Evil. Are there any Chaotic Neutral aligned anti-paladin type?
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Party Paladin sold his soul to an evil goddess. Does he get a new character template now? (ie: deathknight, blackguard, etc.)

A PC died, and in an attempt to have his life spared, my group's paladin decided to offer his soul after he had a talk with the spiritual form of Lolth. Lolth decided to bargain for a trade of his ...
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8 votes
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How to give an antipaladin remove disease, for... reasons

I have an aspiring antipaladin of Urgathoa, may she stay forever gluttonous, and when reading through The Pallid Princess's section in Inner Sea Gods I noticed how in the variant spellcasting section ...
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Where could an aspiring follower of Urgathoa (may she stay forever gluttonous) find a complete list of diseases?

As an aspiring antipaladin of Urgathoa, I noticed the Plague Bringer ability that allows me to contract diseases without suffering any ill effects, thus enabling me to carry and spread disease in the ...
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4 votes
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How to prevent extra-planar telecomunication

I am a ex-paladin in my campaign. His god/demons are tempting him in the hopes of a new zealous fighter. I am looking for a way to stop these powers from communicating with my character directly. The ...
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Evil Paladin in Dungeons and Dragons 5.0 [closed]

I got a new player in my Forgotten Realms campaign. I'm always open for players to do whatever they want, but this player created a Neutral Evil Paladin from Bhaal, and I'm confused in some aspects: ...
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Can a Dhampir Antipaladin use Touch of Corruption with a Swift Action?

It is known that Paladins can heal themselves with a Swift Action: Lay On Hands (Su) Beginning at 2nd level, a paladin can heal wounds (her own or those of others) by touch. Each day she can ...
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Can an Antipaladin combine Touch of Corruption and a held touch spell?

In pathfinder, can an antipaladin deliver a held touch spell (e.g. inflict moderate wounds) and touch of corruption at the same time? I have quoted items that I feel are relevant. From the Player's ...
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Does 'Aura of Hate' also boost the damage of nearby hostile fiends and undead attacking you?

The Oathbreaker Paladin option in the DMG has the following ability Starting at 7th level, the paladin, as well any fiends and undead within 10 feet of the paladin, gains a bonus to melee ...
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2 answers

Return once more to the Light Side

In my campaign a level 13 paladin PC is about battle a blackguard. Eventually, the paladin will realize the blackguard is a former colleague who fell from grace. I'm sure the player will want to turn ...
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Does the Frightened effect of Dreadful Aspect mean the target is afraid of everyone or just the Paladin?

In a game I'm DMing, the party was in combat with a bugbear. The Oathbreaker Paladin used Dreadful Aspect and the bugbear became Frightened. The Oathbreaker was in sight at all times. In the next ...
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11 votes
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How can a Paladin be converted into an Anti-Paladin?

I'm the GM of a group where one PC (a greedy dwarf fighter) recently died. The player chose a new character, a human paladin. The player is new at roleplaying and after two sessions playing the ...
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