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Questions tagged [archetype]

For questions about archetypes in tabletop role-playing games. In several editions of D&D and similar RPGs, archetypes are specialization paths within a base class that are intended to evoke a specific flavor and/or playstyle.

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Updated Bagweaver Subclass

I posted here not too long ago asking to get a subclass reviewed (Bagweaver Artificer Subclass). I have since made edits based on you guys' suggestions as well as some from other people. Here is the ...
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(V2) Do these revisions to this "Survivalist" homebrew fighter martial archetype bring it in line with the existing subclasses?

This adventure I found on DMsGuild seems like it would be fun to play, and it comes with several character options. One in particular, the Survivalist Martial Archetype, seems like something I'd like ...
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