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For questions about attributes, innate measurements of a character's raw capabilities, such as how strong, or fast, or smart, or lucky, or magically powerful they are. Attributes are a mechanical concept represented in various ways in many RPGs.

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How do Pokémon stats change when they evolve?

I've recently discovered Pokerole, A.K.A. the Pokemon Roleplaying Game, and am liking what I see. It avoids the problems that I had with PTA and PTU, lets mon of different levels go toe-to-toe without ...
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3 answers

Feeblemind and stat boosting items or spells

When a character is hit by feeblemind and they fail the save, their Int and Cha scores drop to 1. This is clear. What happens if they were wearing a headband which increased either/both stats which is ...
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Combining Southern Magician and Arcane Disciple feats - Casting Attribute

I have trouble understanding the details of the full scope of the Southern Magician feat in conjuction with the Arcane Disciple feat: Southern Magician [General] (...) Benefit: Once per day per two ...
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