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For questions pertaining to the Avenger class in D&D 4e. Avengers are primarily strikers with a strong secondary role as controllers. Avengers have the divine power source and access to many paladin and cleric feats as a result.

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Does Elven Accuracy work with Oath of Enmity

If a character has activated their Oath of Enmity, how does Elven Accuracy applied ? So, e.g. the character rolls two attack ...
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Does the interrupt granted by "Refire the Forge" prevent an Avenger from falling unconscious?

Refire the Forge: Effect: Until the stance ends, you regain hit points equal to your Dexterity or Intelligence modifier each time you hit an enemy with an attack. Additionally, until the stance ends ...
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Does Favored Soul turn you into an angel?

The Paragon path for Favored Soul states, "... thus marking you as one of the heavenly host, kin to angels, and a special servant of your god." Does it turn the character into an angel?
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What is the formula for average damage for an Avenger against an Oath target?

I am creating a spreadsheet to compute average damage for my party. One of the issues that I am having is calculating average damage for the target of our Hybrid Avenger-Assassin's Avenger attacks ...
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Does wild elf luck add to oath of enmity?

Does wild elf luckddi (add a d4 when using elven accuracy) add to both d20's that an avenger re-rolls when re-rolling an attack using oath of enmityddi?
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What are the official paragon paths of the Avenger class?

What are the official, WotC-published paragon paths of the Avenger class, and which resources are they found in? Paths that have the avenger class or its features as prerequisites. Including Dungeon ...
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Can Avenging Echo trigger multiple times per enemy?

Avenging Echo reads: Any enemy that ends its turn adjacent to you or that hits or misses you takes 5 radiant damage. If an enemy attacks the avenger and ends its turn adjacent, or if an enemy ...
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Does Pervasive Light stack with Painful Oath?

I've got a question about painful oath + pervasive light. Painful Oath says "The first time you hit..., you deal extra radiant and necrotic damage" Pervasive Light says "When you hit a target that ...
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How do I make an effective level 4 Revenant Avenger? [closed]

I am joining a D&D 4E campaign soon. the DM helped me set up my character. He is an avenger revenant (half-elf/assassin) with isolating oath of enmity. Melee weapon is a challenge seeking scythe +...
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