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Barbarians of Lemuria is a rules-light fantasy RPG from Beyond Belief Games.

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Do multiple Obvious Techniques reduce the AP of a spell multiple times?

In Barbarians of Lemuria, the Arcane Power [AP] cost of a spell can be reduced by adding requirements, such as a special item, line of sight, or obvious technique. On page 49 we have: Obvious ...
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Spells, Resolution Rolls, and Additional Arcane Power Cost

In Barbarians of Lemuria, on p49 Spells of the first magnitude [...] are utility spells; they allow the sorcerer to perform activities that anyone with the right training and equipment could ...
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Is Barbarians of Lemuria suitable for campaign play?

I've read a couple of reviews on, seen a few reviews on Youtube, and read two or three actual play reports about Barbarians of Lemuria. My impression is that it's a rules-light game without a ...
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