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For questions about the Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game, an RPG published by Margaret Weis Productions in 2007. It uses a refined version of the Cortex System rules that previously appeared in the Serenity Role Playing Game.

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From Serenity through Battlestar Galactica to the Stand-Alone Rules for Cortex, what has been changed?

I get the impression that the Cortex RPG system has evolved in several directions since the release of the Serenity RPG. Not including genre-specific changes like whatever rules for the supernatural ...
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How does the Cortex System RPG differ from more traditional RPG rulesystems like D&D and nWoD? [closed]

We're starting to get that bug to try switching up our RPGs for a bit of variety. I've heard that a popular system, known as "Cortex", is used in several settings which our group would be enthused ...
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