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For questions about the bloodrager, a hybrid class in Pathfinder and similar RPGs that combines a barbarian's rage with the innate magical ability of a sorcerer.

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How many damage die should my natural attacks be doing?

Alright, so I'm basically a new roleplayer. We’re playing Pathfinder on Discord. All the rules, combat and everything else comes from the d20pfsd site. So Pathfinder ruleset, feats, etc. My character ...
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Martyred Bloodrager bloodline clarification

I want to make sure I'm reading this ability correctly because I feel my dyslexia is making it difficult for me to understand properly. The "Ancestral Champion" Bloodrager Martyred bloodline power on ...
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Do increases in Unarmed Strike damage also increase Natural Weapon attacks with your hands?

I'm playing a Bloodrager with the Abyssal Bloodline and looking at spells and I noticed Animal Aspect increases my Unarmed strike damage... as I'm using mostly my claws for damage, I was wondering if ...
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Must crossblooded sorcerer be crossblooded bloodrager if they multiclass?

A crossblooded sorcerer multiclasses as a bloodrager. According to the rules for hybrid classes: Parent Classes: Each one of the following classes lists two classes that it draws upon to form the ...
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If a Crossblooded Bloodrager chooses a Bloodline Familiar, from which bloodline does the familiar's additional ability originate?

A Crossblooded Bloodrager selects two bloodlines at character creation and opts to forego his choice between either bloodline's 1st level power and instead gains a bloodline familiar. Those with an ...
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