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a mechanic in Fate Core representing an extremely transient sorta-but-not-quite aspect.

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What makes Aspect ↔ Boost conversion Stunts worthwhile?

There are multiple Stunts that, under certain conditions, either convert a Boost to an Aspect, or an Aspect to a Boost (usually without changing the number of free Invocations). Now, I know that ...
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Circlet of Persuasion an ODD boost that begs for explanation?

So in this question Can I create +1 stat boosting item? we see it suggested the game shouldn't have items that give odd numbered boosts. What's with items like Circlet of Persuasion which do exactly ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is it okay to go beyond the rules for Aspects/Boosts?

For example: Smouldering Cart (scene aspect) Snow Wolf (opponent): Master of the Tundra. Gimli (PC): Master of Axes. Gimli Attacks the Wolf, and spends 2 Fate Points to invoke the Smouldering Cart ...
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How long do Boosts stay around, if not invoked immediately or obviated by situation-change?

I have looked in several different Fate games' rulebooks, including Fate Core, DFRPG, Atomic Robo, FAE, and Jadepunk, which all describe Boosts as temporary Aspects you get to invoke for free, one ...
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Do Boosts in Fate Core just lead to more Boosts?

I've been a fan of Fate for a long while now, but I'm just now getting ready to run it for the first time, and I'm going over the rules to make sure I understand all the basics. So, the attack/defend ...
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If you succeed with style against multiple targets, do you get multiple boosts?

Let's say that the Player Character has a +4 in Fight. He's confident that he can take down two Goblins with a single action, so he decides to roll against both of them. The results are as follows: ...
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What happens to boosts that are obviated by the narrative?

During a quick Fate session, two characters were engaged in a duel, during which an onlooker was hurled into the fray, resulting in one duelist gaining the boost Petticoats and Fluff on the other. ...
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