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Questions tagged [braunstein]

For questions about Braunstein games. The original Braunstein by Dave Weseley was a wargame and became a precursor to Chainmail and D&D and the entire western TRPG hobby.

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40 votes
4 answers

What was Braunstein, and why was it important to the beginning of the hobby?

I've heard of a game called Braunstein that apparently was the precursor to Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign. Can someone tell me what Braunstein was, and why it's important?
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1 answer

Were there ever rule publications for one of the Braunstein Games?

We all know that Dungeons and Dragons - or rather the whole RPG hobby - can directly trace its history to Chainmail and the Braunstein Games. We also have a rough idea about how the Braunstein Games ...
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From Braunstein to Blackmoor - A chapter unexplored?

Backdrop We know from exploring the history of Braunstein games, that Dave Arneson did run a couple of games in The Northern Marches, around 1970/1971 using a Braunstein setup. This game would ...
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