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For questions about Onyx Path's Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Role Playing Game

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7 votes
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Fighting off the Nightmare

It happened. In our latest venture, we were in the Deep Dreaming and had to Unleash our Arts.1 Obviously, this incurred a few points of Nightmare.2 Now, those points are burning like evil eyes in the ...
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8 votes
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Into the Deep Dreaming!

The Deep Dreaming 1 is a place that amps up a Kithain's birthright to 11. They become the most powerful and dreaming version of themselves. For example, even the ugliest Sidhe is actually quite ...
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5 votes
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Spying Animal Kithain in Animal Form

Pooka and Selkies have a Birthright that allows them to turn into mundane animals. Be they hares or cats or whatever for the Pooka or Seals or Sea Lions for the Selkies (though, technically also ...
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