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Questions tagged [character-creation]

For questions primarily about character creation (also: character generation or character design), the process of making a character whose role the player will assume. Character creation is about realizing the concept of the character within the options and rules of the RPG system.

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What is the correct way to calculate Position in Dark Souls?

In the Dark Souls tabletop RPG, 5e’s Hit Points are replaced with “Position”, a more flexible resource. I found the rules for determining the Base Position of a character to be slightly confusing. For ...
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Does the breed of a feline influence the house of an excellent Cat like it does for dogs in Pugmire?

Welcome to the Royal Lands of the Monarchies of Mau, traveller! Here, the cats reign, and most belong to the Houses Angora, Cymrik, Korat, Mau, Rex, and Siberian, or any of the smaller noble houses ...
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Optimizing for off-turn free action activity

I'm trying to develop a build for levels 3-6 that optimizes for the largest number of discrete free actions that need to be taken off-turn to work but don't explicitly grant themselves the ability to ...
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Highest damage touch spells by level?

So I'm currently playing a Gestalt game - and have selected Barbarian and Wizard as my classes (Don't worry - me being iliterate doesn't actually stop me from casting read magic, I checked... and we ...
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Is there an option to circumvent creating an entry in the character advancement log in Genesis 6.1.2 when creating a hero rank >1 character?

When creating Splittermond player characters with Genesis 6.1.2, how do I create characters with a higher hero rank than 1? Currently, it looks like I have to create an event after regular hero rank 1 ...
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15th-level gestalt stealth master build help

I am trying to make a character for a combat heavy, largely PvP game, with 15th-level gestalt characters. The concept that I have in mind is some sort of Jack-of-All-Trades-y Wizard/Rogue class, with ...
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