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For questions related to cheating or suspected cheating in tabletop RPGs. This may entail metagaming, lying about the results of die rolls, or other dishonest behavior. (See also: the [problem-players] and [problem-gm] tags.)

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How to handle rolled stats when I think one player cheated on theirs?

My group uses 4d6 drop lowest for stat generation. The other players feel that the rolled stats of one of the other players are 'too good' in comparison to their rolls and I'm not certain that they ...
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Dealing with a Repeatedly Cheating Friend

I'm the GM of a long-running online Vampire: the Masquerade campaign. Three years ago, we had a new (and young) player who cheated on dice rolls. I kicked him out. A while later, he messaged me to ...
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How do I deal with a fellow player who cheats, if the GM won't do anything about it? [closed]

I have played with this same group of friends for over 20 years. However due to COVID we have had to play virtually using Roll20. This has had the surprising and revealing effect of letting us see ...
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2 answers

How can I ensure my dice roll fairly if they appear to have a bias?

I have purchased several sets of dice from different online retailers. I did some salt-float tests on them recently and I'm concerned a good amount of my d20s are favoring a specific corner (all 3 ...
54 votes
8 answers

What should be done if I suspect a player is using weighted dice?

I have a player who I am pretty sure is using weighted dice. He has an entire dice set that almost always gets the best possible roll. He claims it's just insanely good luck but everyone agrees with ...
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How to persuade players not to cheat?

I am DMing the Lost Mine of Phandelver Starter Set campaign for 5e with my two friends, and one of them is bringing his two friends. They use D&D Beyond, and their character sheets contain almost ...
48 votes
16 answers

How should I go about stopping metagaming based on Roll20 showing unexplored areas?

In the campaign that I'm running, the party is currently in a dungeon. They cleared most of the entire dungeon except a hidden door to an area that holds some loot but nothing integral to the game. ...
76 votes
3 answers

Does microwaving a die significantly alter its balance?

I saw a rumor online a long time ago that stated by microwaving a die on a specific face it would be more likely to land on said face and have been looking for science by which to either prove or ...
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28 votes
6 answers

Dice Rolling Method Fairness

Recently, in D&D sessions I have been rolling poorly (nothing over 10), and thus tried ways to improve my rolling. I was using a plastic solo cup last session, and got really good results compared ...
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11 answers

Player may be manipulating die rolls, but I'm uncertain. How do I approach the situation?

I'm a new DM for four people who are all friends (I am also friends with all of them). During the game, I observed one player turn a D20 from a lower number to a higher number a couple times with her ...
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Player cheating to keep their character alive

Ok... I understand that question title seems like it's a bit harmless, and I'm sure others have asked similar questions but I'm not entirely sure if this fits the same bill, or if it even a problem. ...
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What do we do with a group member who brazenly cheats? [closed]

One player is my group is starting to be a problem. He has started to do things like reading the module and other sources of spoilers to the campaign I'm running, and he frequently tries to solve a ...
17 votes
4 answers

How do you tell someone you think they are cheating?

I am a player in a group with a DM who does not fully understand the rules of the system. Also in this group is a player who, so far as I can tell, is consistently breaking the rules, and giving other ...
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Cheat-proof online die roller? [closed]

I am looking for an online die roller that works similarly to the following: The GM provides a string identifier to the player. E.g., "gandalf attacks balrog #12" The player enters the id on the ...
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What do I do when I suspect players may be fudging rolls online?

I suspect my players may be fudging their rolls in an online IRC and Skype game. While I can't confirm this (for obvious reasons), I'm highly suspicious. I logged all their rolls over the course of ...
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