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Chronicles of Darkness, formerly known as the World of Darkness, is a modern gothic horror setting and storytelling game by Onyx Path Publishing that uses the Storytelling System. This tag is about the game in general, not about a specific edition.

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5 votes
2 answers

In Anydice, how can I model nd10 where 8–10 counts as successes and 10s explode?

(Did some searching on SE and couldn’t find an answer…) Trying to model nd10 where 8..10 count as successes and 10s explode. output [count {8..10} in 3d10] ^ works ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Can I create a Demon Dating service by granting mortals the True Friend merit?

I had an idea for a Demon: the Descent character who runs an online dating/matchmaking service. The idea would be that the exchange agreed in the pact/Terms of Service would grant the mortal the True ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What is the name of the system Chronicles of Darkness 2e uses?

Going by this meta post (I can't find a better main site question): the original/classic World of Darkness uses a system called the storyteller system, and Chronicles of Darkness 1e uses the ...
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6 votes
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Is there an "Adventure Path" analog for White Wolf games?

I love the Pathfinder Adventure Path system. It offloads tons of game master work and provides a fully coherent campaign for months of play. White Wolf's Storytelling Adventure System (SAS) is great, ...
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Are Humanity, Paths and Morality Deontological or Utilitarian?

Over the decades, I've run several times into disagreements about whether or not some circumstance excuses a sin on the hierarchy, or whether inaction leading to a a sin-like event occurring ...
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11 votes
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What Makes Idigam Unspeakably Alien in Practice?

From time to time in discussions of the setting, the Idigam are mentioned as these eldritch, unspeakably alien entities from another time. The summary about them says as much, but doesn't go into ...
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