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Questions tagged [chronicles-of-darkness-1e]

For games from the The Chronicles of Darkness first edition line, formerly known as 'The New World of Darkness'. They are a series of urban fantasy and horror games released by White Wolf starting in 2004 and later by Onyx Path. Games using the God-Machine Rules Update (aka the Second Edition rules) should use the [chronicles-of-darkness-2e] tag instead.

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How to Reconcile Pax Arcanum and Permission of New Second Awakenings?

Archmasters possess superhuman capabilities of both foresight and scheming, have immense supernatural powers, and are always on the lookout for aspirants. The Pax Arcanum forbids interfering with ...
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What does an embodied companion (Strange Alchemies merit) use for Power + Finesse?

I'm preparing to run a Promethean the Created game (1st edition) and one of my players is taking the Companion merit at 4 dots from Strange Alchemies (page 55). It looks like the embodied spirit has ...
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What happens when I add success to a roll that dramatically failed?

There are a number of powers that allow to add success to a roll. For example, Mage Fate 5 spell Miracle allows you to add a success per Interdiction spent after the roll. Some others (sorry, can't ...
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