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Chronicles of Darkness (2e) is Onyx Path's 2nd Edition of what was previously called the New World of Darkness, itself formerly known as “God-Machine Chronicle Rules Update.”

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What happens when I add success to a roll that dramatically failed?

There are a number of powers that allow to add success to a roll. For example, Mage Fate 5 spell Miracle allows you to add a success per Interdiction spent after the roll. Some others (sorry, can't ...
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Can Begotten do hedgespinning and oneiromancy?

One player in our CtL campaign generated a Beast from Beast: the Primordial. As soon as we started going into Hedge and breaking into other people's dreams, it turned out they don't know what to do ...
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Can Changelings use oneiromancy for space travel?

For example, if Changeling is on Mars, can they traverse Dream Roads to go to Earth?
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