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Questions tagged [city-design]

For questions related to designing cities for your campaign worlds.

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53 votes
14 answers

How do I get better at improvising city features?

A common situation is that the party is in a big city (maybe one you created yourself, maybe one from a published source) walking through the streets, just roaming around. And then the question is ...
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7 answers

Creating a city made of illusion that won't be quickly figured out

We are playing DnD5e in custom world. This is going to be my first time as DM. Currently I'm trying to get my first adventure together. My idea was to trap my players in the city, which is just an ...
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35 votes
6 answers

What's a good item or spell for creating a magical surveillance state?

The mayor of Generic Fantasytown wants a means to monitor his town (population 4,000, perhaps 1 mi. (1.64 km) square). The townsfolk are cowed and submissive, fearing their mayor but fearing even more ...
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14 votes
5 answers

DFRPG city creation via telepresence

I'm planning a DFRPG campaign for the first time since my group began gathering via telepresence. How can we best approximate sitting around the table to collaborate, talk, and work on city creation1 ...
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What lifestyle expenses are associated with the Yawning Portal?

The party has just begun Dungeon of the Mad Mage. After their first trip down the well, they have sensibly taken Durnan up on his offer of rooms in the Yawning Portal where they can stay in between ...
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Political house ready cash (cityscape)

Basically, we are trying to find out how much "ready cash" in the political house entry in Cityscape refers to. I have a guess, but I want to be sure. Is it the "normal amount owned by a 6th-level ...
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A way for zombies and humans to cohexist [closed]

Preliminary Information I couldn't find any other reliable website where I could ask this question, even though it has no specific answer (which the rules suggest). But I have a strong feeling this ...
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