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For questions about collecting RPG system books, modules, and various other paraphernalia, and about determining the value/rarity of such collected items.

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Comprehensive list of D&D products [closed]

I’m not sure I can ask this here, but lately I have been expanding my personal collection of Dungeons and Dragons products. Does anyone know if there is somewhere (official or unofficial) a complete ...
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I have a bunch of old books. How can I find out how much they're worth?

I just came across a box full of old RPG books and modules that are in great condition. How do I find out if they are worth anything?
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4 votes
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How rare are these miniature AD&D books?

I bought a box lot of some items (Board Games) I collect at an auction recently and in the box was another box full of D&D stuff. I gave the figures to a relative who plays the game but he wasn't ...
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13 votes
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Is there a significant market for collector's versions of role-playing paraphernalia?

Some of the role playing materials I've found have come in regular and collectors' edition versions. This has me curious - is there a significant collectors' market for role-playing game materials, ...
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Most expensive / valuable role-playing game [closed]

What are the most expensive role-playing games (or individual supplements)? The question refers to the cost of an individual game or other product - not to the potentially continuous expense of ...
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