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For questions about concealment, the act of using terrain, objects, or other aids to avoid visual detection. (See also: the [stealth] tag.)

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Do you need to succeed a DC 11 flat check to administer a potion to a creature you can't see?

I'm blinded and have a health potion in hand that I want to administer to an ally in an adjacent square. Do I need to succeed at a DC 11 flat check due to the ally being hidden from me? If yes, would ...
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For how many attacks is a creature flat footed when attacking from concealment?

I am behind a tree (considered hidden) and attack my enemie. According to the rules he is considered flat footed. ...
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Epic feat: self concealment cumulate with other "miss chance" abilities or spells?

One of my players uses in combat the spell displacement (PH 223) allowing the 50% miss chance of attacks. He also has the epic feat "self concealment" (10%). This feat is on the -epic level ...
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Are there any rulings for out-of-combat concealment?

I was thinking of out-of-combat uses for the Child of Shadow stance (I'm guessing that out of combat it would grant concealment as long as the user is moving + a bit after), but I don't know if there ...
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Do Blink, Blur, normal concealment & Displacement stack? [duplicate]

Just what the title says, Do Blink, Blur, normal concealment & Displacement stack? Do any of them stack? Do all of them stack? Which ones, if any?
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Nystul’s Magic vs Scrying. Does it in any way help a target in hiding from a scry?

I've not been able to find an answer to this. If it has been addressed, or if I am overlooking something obvious, I apologize. The potential interaction of the two spells, seems ambiguous to me. And ...
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Does the spell Silent Image allow you to cast an image of an empty room, hiding the room's occupants? [duplicate]

I am a warlock in a place I am not supposed to be in. I hear someone walking toward the area I am in. I am unsure if they are already close enough to tell that the door is open. I cast Silent Image ...
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When attacking with Spiritual Weapon, what must be concealed from the target for me to gain advantage?

Spiritual weapon claims that you make a melee spell attack against a target adjacent to your spiritual weapon. The rules for attacking while being unseen state that if the target cannot see you, you ...
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If I am attacked from an area of heavy obscurement, am I under the effects of the Blinded condition?

This is what the PHB (p. 183) says about Heavy Obscurement: A heavily obscured area—such as darkness, opaque fog, or dense foliage—blocks vision entirely. A creature in a heavily obscured area ...
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Do Trap Attack Rolls Apply Concealment?

If a mundane trap that makes an attack roll targets a creature who possesses concealment (normal or total), does the miss chance apply to the attack roll? I've ruled in the past that traps ignore ...
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Does True Strike allow sneak attacks on concealed targets?

The True Strike spell negates the miss chance from concealment. Usually you cannot sneak attack on enemies with concealment. Does negating the miss chance mean they do not have concealment? What ...
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How do Invisibility and Compel Hostility interact?

PFSRD: "You threaten all squares into which you can make a melee attack..." Compel hostility: "Whenever a creature you can see that threatens you makes an attack against one of your ...
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Does Concealment affect your astral signature/form?

I'm not clear on how the Concealment power affects astral forms and signatures. Can it be used to hide them? The rules state that "perceiving magic" is a Perception Test (core, pg 280), but Assensing ...
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What is the lowest level wizard spell that will allow me to see through concealment?

Just as the title says, I'm looking for the lowest level spell on the wizard spell list that will allow me to negate the miss chance on ranged attacks imposed by concealment such as that given by ...
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Hide while fighting

I would like to do the following: Someone throws a Smokestick or casts a Fog cloud spell, so the fighter and his enemy are both has concealment. The fighter has Improved Diversion. First, he takes an ...
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Can a creature hide from a foe affected by the feat Gloom Strike?

The ambush feat Gloom Strike (Drow of the Underdark 54) has as its benefit Your sneak attack creates an aura of magical darkness that impedes your target’s vision for 3 rounds. The target takes a −...
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Does Concealment exist in D&D 5th Edition?

After looking over a few of the rules in the PDFs for the next edition of D&D I didn't see anything about concealment ( as in miss chance percentage ) similar to D&D 3.5e or D&D 4e. Has ...
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Concealment at the boundary of Oscuring Mist

Obscuring Mist says The vapor obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Let's say A & B are standing ...
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Using Rot of Ages to enable sneak attacks

This is more a question about 3.5e stealth mechanics than anything else. The Rot of Ages spell grants all creatures concealment against the target. I would think this would enable a rogue to attempt ...
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3.5e: Concealment from Child of Shadow (martial stance) clarifications

I'm working on a new build and some questions regarding concealment and the application of this particular stance have come up. I would ask them separately, but it seems to me that all of these are ...
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Could I make a sneak attack, move behind new cover and make a stealth check?

I have been searching for hours and it only caused me to be more confused. Say I was concealed in the beginning and made a range sneak attack, could I move to another area with cover, then make a ...
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What is the difference between "partial cover" and "cover"?

Degrees of cover and concealment are defined in the Player's Handbook (pp 280-281). There it discusses cover, superior cover, concealment, and total concealment. However, many powers and features ...
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Using Mage Hand to hold up a cloak and grant concealment

First off, Let me just say that I am a complete newbie. I have yet to play any DnD, but I am working on a character while me and some friends are getting things together to start our first game. Now ...
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How can I recreate an "ambush in the night" scenario?

The "ambush in the night" is a staple of adventure fiction: Arrows fly through the night, but the heroes can't see who is shooting. I'm interested in recreating such a scenario in D&D 4e, but the ...
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Does cover also grant concealment?

One of the PC who plays in my Encounters session has a power that lets him make a stealth check to hide if he has "concealment." Last night we was behind a hard corner in a room without any other ...
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Do you lose concealment when you attack?

In D&D4E if you have concealment and make an attack, are you still concealed? As a specific example, a Warlock gains concealment from his Shadow Walk power, then wishes to make a ranged attack. ...
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Does the Goblin Hexer's Vexing Cloud grant concealment and an additional -2 to hit?

The Goblin Hexer's Vexing Cloud is a standard action with a zone: Area burst 3 within 10; automatic hit; all enemies within the zone take a -2 penalty to attack rolls. The zone grants ...
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