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In the Fate system, conceding is a method of giving up a fight to achieve compromise with your opponents.

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Can you concede to a wild animal?

My last session ended with a fight on the high seas that spilled blood and attracted sharks. One of my players now wants to concede to one of the sharks. As I understand it, this should mean that the ...
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What happens after conceding a conflict, and how much should the winning party gain?

I am starting a game based somewhat off Atomic Robo the Roleplaying Game which is based off Fate Core and in this case it should not really matter. This will be my first time GMing and first time ...
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How Exactly Do Concessions Differ Between the Editions?

There are two things that make discussions of Concessions sometimes confusing: people carrying over rules and assumptions from a different edition, and people melding their house rules or speculation ...
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Do you get all your Fate Points at the end of the scene?

Fate Core Electronic p.81 indicates that these are the three ways to gain Fate Points. Accept a Compel: You get a fate point when you agree to the complication associated with a compel (...) ...
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Taking out main NPCs without exhausting all their stress and consequences

In my last session I had my players in combat against two of their NPC friends, which were being mind-controlled to fight them. These NPCs had been appearing a lot in the previous sessions and were ...
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What happens when player-controlled NPCs concede and get taken out?

Let's say I'm using Companions, virtually any variation of Stormcaller, or any other way of being in command of NPCs in-game. How do you handle conceding and getting taken out with player-controlled ...
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Can you concede when compelled to fight in Fate Core?

The character in question has the Curse of the Lycanthrope aspect, which causes him to become rabid and ferocious when something triggers him to transform. The characters are all traveling together ...
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How much control over the narration does Fate grant the winner of a conflict when it ends in a concession?

I'm wondering how much control the winning side has in fate in accepting a concession. Can the victor write actions in for his opposition? For example, in a recent game of mine, the players killed a ...
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What happens if I concede a fight to someone who only wants me dead?

I'm in a game where my non-combat character ended up in a physical fight with two bobcat-like creatures who have been ordered to kill me. The entity ordering my death is powerful enough (and so are ...
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Why does a character earn fate points when conceding?

I am new to Fate, and TRPG in general. Today when reading the Fate Core book, I was confused by how conceding worked. IMHO by conceding, a player would avoid the more severe outcome that is being ...
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Can concessions inflict a worse effect on the conceding character than the attacker intended?

When playing the Dresden Files, my Wizard (and other magic practitioners) tend to overpower their spells, not taking into account the foes that they are facing, i.e. 8 shifts of power vs a plain ...
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