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Questions about the Fate system concept of Consequences, which usually represent lingering negative effects.

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Who 'Owns' Consequence Invocations?

For a while, I assumed that all Free Invocations, just like FP-powered Invocations, are 'owned' by players and GMs (not characters), and can always be passed around at will to benefit another ...
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Relative Value of Different Consequences

A discussion of handling of mechanics for characters who quickly regenerate their wounds resulted in an idea of implementing regeneration by changing the type and/or number of Consequences a ...
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Are consequences tracked per stress track?

When taking too much stress, one can take consequences. However, can one - at the same time - have both a mental and physical consequence of the same level or is there only a single 'pool' of ...
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How do 2nd ed Diaspora Consequences work?

I'm familiar with Consequences in modern Fate-- Characters gain an Aspect temporarily that represents the 'injury' sustained and that aspect gives enemies something to invoke for bonuses against the ...
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2 answers

Do consequences give you a minus to your attack?

I've noticed that some premade digital GM screens I've used say that consequences give you -2, -4 and -6 to your attack value, but can't seem to find this in the core book. Is this just something I'...
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Why aren't you allowed to check off multiple stress boxes per hit?

It's not just a question of "have you done it in your game or not", but rather I'm wondering about the rationale behind the rules. What's the desired effect of this restriction and what effect on the ...
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Do Consequences change their severity if renamed?

As per title. My character has Broken wrist moderate consequence and after appropriate time and a successful roll to heal wants to rename that to Forearm in splints. Would the consequence become mild ...
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Is there a difference between starting to recover from consequences in Fate Accelerated and Fate Core?

The way I understood it, any Consequence (mild, severe, extreme) in any Fate build has to have a recover action modify it before it can start fading away. So I have several questions: If a character ...
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Can situational aspects describe the same thing as consequences?

In combat, situational aspects sometimes tend to interfere with consequences. In theory, the "create advantage" action allows an opponent to create virtually any aspect, from "Stabbed in the hand" to "...
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